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What Happens If You Don’t Update Your Windows?

Usman Aslam Written by Usman Aslam · 1 min read>

If you’re a Windows user then you may have experienced those pop-ups that tell you to update your Windows by restarting or shutting down your computer. Normally, these pop-ups come right when we are in the middle of an important task so we just avoid it as no one really wants to wait 15-20 minutes or even more just for your computer to come back on.

So it is mostly a common fact that most users avoid updates but if you constantly avoid updates then you may be putting yourself at a huge disadvantage. If you do not update your Windows, the first major issue that arises is that your computer may lose functionality as time goes on. In other words, your drivers may not be up to par with the current hardware of your computer.

Moreover, your computer would not be able to access all the customization options that Windows is offering. Moreover, the software you would be working on might not support your old outdated version of Windows 10.

However, it is neither the drivers nor the customization options that are important but rather the security features of your Windows. Despite Microsoft moving on to the future i.e. Windows 11, the company still supports Windows 10 and provides new security patches every once in a while. These patches ensure more privacy and encryption for users such as allowing users to log into their computers with a PIN code instead of a password.

These patches come around to your Windows for a reason as hackers are always looking to exploit computers by finding vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are most found in outdated and old versions of Windows. So the way hackers attack operating systems enhances while Microsoft keeps on improving the security of Windows. This is why businesses should keep their systems upgraded in order to protect themselves from any attacks.

There are also some users who just keep an older version of Windows just so that they may use old legacy applications or play retro games. If you’re someone who does that make sure that you have a separate system for that which isn’t used in your daily work. In addition, such a system must never be connected to the internet as hackers would easily exploit the entire system.

So it is highly advised that you keep your Windows OS updated and if you can’t update it immediately then you can always schedule the update.

Written by Usman Aslam
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