How To Stop Your PC From Launching Apps At Startup

Whenever you download and install an application on your PC you often notice there are some applications that automatically...

Jul 2 ·>

Microsoft Set To Reveal The Next Generation Of Windows On June 24th

Microsoft is set to unveil the next generation of Windows in an event later this month. The tech giant...

Jun 3 ·>

Windows 10 bug hampering users’ gameplay gets a fix

Microsoft has fixed a recent Windows 10 update that made the news after PC gamers came across various issues....

Apr 27 ·>

You Can Now Run Windows 10 On Arm On Apple’s M1 Macs And More

In recent news, Parallels is bringing an update to its Desktop virtual machine software which will now allow M1...

Apr 15 ·>

Google Search setting up Dark Mode ensuring compatibility with all themes

As per many requests of users globally, Google has been once again testing out the search engine’s dark mode...

Feb 12 ·>

Microsoft debuts the much-awaited Windows 10X

What started as a project for dual-screen devices, changed to a stripped-down OS for single-screen devices, the Windows 10X...

Jan 15 ·>

Windows 10 to reach 1 billion devices 4.5 years after launch

Microsoft set out with the lofty goal of having 1 billion devices running Windows 10 when they launched the...

Feb 3 ·>

Letting Google launch Android was my greatest mistake ever, says Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the American business tycoon and co-founder of the largest software company Microsoft, in a recent interview at...

Jun 24 ·>
Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates speaks at the "Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases" conference at the Royal College of Physicians in London

Microsoft removes Huawei’s MateBook X from its online store, remains silent over potential Windows ban

Amidst the feud between China and America and Google’s decision to ban Huawei from using its services, Microsoft has...

May 22 ·>

Microsoft may be working on a Windows Lite edition

Microsoft is working on a possible competitor to Chrome OS with a cut-down version of Windows known as “Lite”,...

Dec 4 ·>
Windows 10

Now you can install Windows 95 on macOS, Windows and Linux

Many of us, millennials, started using desktop computers at a time Window 95 was being used almost in all...

Aug 24 ·>
Windows 95

Whatsapp just added 3 new features in its latest update

Whatsapp has rolled out exciting new features in the recent updates for Android, iOS and Windows phones. These new...

Mar 20 ·>
Facebook to integrate WhatsApp functionality, rumours say