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What Is Google TV? Is It A Replacement For Android TV, And What Are Its Perks?

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Google TV

The world came to know about Google TV back in 2020. While in 2021, also Google made some announcements regarding it. Well, you can access Google TV on the latest Chromecast with Google TV, and this feature is also available in some of the latest smart TVs. Google TV vows to give competition to other streaming devices, so let’s get a view of what Google TV is it a replacement for Android TV and what its perks are.

 Is Google TV An Interface For Android TV?

Yes, you got that right because Google TV is an interface of Android TV. However, the look and feel are different from Android TV. Moreover, Google TV is an interface that showcases the content available on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, and other well-known streaming devices. You do not need to search for Netflix content on the Netflix app and HBO content on the HBO app.

Since Google TV mixes the content in one interface, you can search across all the streaming services simultaneously. Hence, the interface contains tabs like browse for movies, shows, and apps or to assess your library, which consists of the content you earlier purchased from Google via Play Movies and TV.

You need to sign in for use, and the content you see in your suggestions is due to your profile. You must know the content will only draw from the streaming services you sign into. If you mostly prefer watching Netflix and HBO Max content, the suggestions will contain the content of those services.

There is no such thing as user profiles like Netflix, so for the whole family, there will be some suggestions regardless of age difference or choice.

Are There Games On Google TV?

Various games are available on Google TV like Final Fantasy, Oceanhorn, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, and much more. But you need to search for some games through voice or word search as Google TV does not have direct access to the Play Store.

If you have your Google Stadia Account (the company’s cloud-based game-streaming service), you can sign on to Google TV with the Stadia app and play games directly from Google TV.

On Which Devices Can Google TV Run?

Google TV

Some devices and services that Google TV can run are Chromecast with Google TV and Google Stadia (cloud-based streaming service only for games). Furthermore, on Android TVs like Sony, TCL, and Hisense, Android Phones and Tablets can access the Google TV app, earlier known as Google Play Movies and TV.

But the services supported by the Android app differ from region to region. But Google TV is a fantastic alternative to Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. TV manufacturers will likely adopt Google TV for their future products.