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WhatsApp is adding voice mail, new font in latest update

Written by Saad Mughal ·  38 sec read >

WhatsApp latest beta update comes packed with new features that further enhance the messenger’s usability. Firstly, you will now be able to send a voicemail in case a WhatsApp voice call does not go through to the recipient. Before this update, you would have to go all the way back to the chat window to send the voice message. Now, it will be directly available in the WhatsApp’s after-call menu. A perfect feature for us lazy ones!

Screenshot_2016-07-21-15-15-44 (1)

Secondly, you will now be able to send messages in plain text (new, simple font) by simply adding three grave accent symbols (“`) before and after the message as shown by the screenshots below.

It is important to note here that this is only for the beta version of WhatsApp. This means that the new features will not be available to everyone right now. However, they are expected to arrive with the latest update to WhatsApp. Previously, WhatsApp also added features for adding bold, italics, and strike-through accents to format messages and gave us the ability to reply to specific messages in chat.

Written by Saad Mughal
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