Wakie Will Change the Way You Get Out of Bed

Avatar Written by Rizwan Anwer · 1 min read>

Waking up in the morning is a true challenge, You never want to get out of bed. Technology has come miles from where it used to be, but how can it help us with the morning blues?

Wakie. A simple software with an even more elementary concept, through this app you will be able to wake up people and be the alarm clock for them. Instead of having someone wake up, you can help a stranger who is in a different part of the world have a good start to their day. The catch? Your conversation only lasts a minute.


Wakie is an amazing idea that is rapidly gaining fame in other countries. The app exists on all the major smartphone platforms at the moment and works amazingly well on all of them. Sadly, Pakistan is not yet supported when it comes to setting an Alarm, meaning currently we only have the ability to wake up other people in parts of the world but we can’t be woken up by a caller.

For those of us who are looking to kill some time during the day or want to have a brief with a stranger, can use Wakie. This is a win-win situation for those of us who at times have the desire to talk to someone but don’t have anyone to talk to.

The app is fairly simple to use and very easy to get addicted to. I had the chance to wake up John from England and while I wasn’t able to teach John my name, he did sound very happy to be woken up by a stranger in Pakistan. This is a very exciting social experiment for all of you to engage in. Pakistan is not currently enabled to get calls, asking Wakie to add us to the list of countries where we can also be woken up will be an exciting opportunity.

If you want the app to come into service in Pakistan and allow other people to call Pakistan and wake YOU up, then simply do the following

1. Open up wakie and go to the alarms tab
2. Set an alarm for anytime (this will fail since the app isn’t supported for us yet)
3. You will be prompted to a screen telling you that Wakie isn’t supported in Pakistan and at the bottom you can opt to “Request Wakie in your country”.

We hope you find the app enjoyable as much as we did, do share your stories of conversing with people from abroad in the comments. We would love to hear about your encounters with the people on the app!

You can download the app by going to their official site, or if you are feeling lazy, here are the direct links to each of the relevant stores: Google PlayStore, Windows Store & Apple App Store.