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Win 5 lac in Prizes: Register for Softec 2014 Now!

Written by Qurat Zafar ·  1 min read >

If you have been waiting for a grand competition to participate in, here is your chance! Softec’14 is going to be the largest IT event in Pakistan with a dozen competitions for you to compete in and almost 5 lac worth of prizes up for grab! The time is ticking and the registrations end 20th March! Before you do anything else, register for the event!

Main Events

Find the full details of events that will take place in the competition here. The main competitions will include Software competition, Programming Competition, Engineering Project Competition, Robo Rumble and a new addition, Web Development Competition. Here is your chance to participate and win big! Softec also features a gaming competition which will include the following games.

  • BLUR
  • DOTA 2
  • FIFA 14
  • TEKKEN 6

There are competitions from all range of fields and it is an ideal opportunity for students to participate in!

Lots of Prizes to be won

If you have the talent it takes to win the competition, there are tons of prizes up for grab!

Software Competition

1st Prize PKR 80,000/-

2nd Prize PKR 40,000/-

Programming Competition

1st Prize PKR 50,000/-

2nd Prize PKR 25,000/-

Engineering Project Competition

1st Prize PKR 50,000/-

2nd Prize PKR 25.000/-


1st Prize PKR 50,000/-

2nd Prize PKR 25,000/-

Robo Rumble

1st Prize PKR 30,000/-

2nd Prize PKR 15,000/-

Add Experience to your CV

Participation in competitions is a great thing to put on your CV and since Softec is the biggest IT event of Pakistan, it will add a great deal to your profile. Moreover if you win the competitions, you can have a victory that can come in handy later.

Only 9 Days to Go!

There are only 9 days to go before the registration ends! Don´t waste time in thinking and procrastinating. Register your teams now!

In a conversation with The AppJuice Team, Aimen Iftikhar, AVP Softec said that they are striving to do their best to ensure that this year’s event will be a raging success.


She also told us that different companies will set up their stalls in Software Enclosure Arena where the participants can drop their CVs. If you are lucky, you might just land a job! Softec will also be conducting the ACM ICPC Nationals. ICPC Nationals were hosted for the first time in Pakistan by Fast-NU Lahore last year and Softec will be hosting them for the second time this year. (ACM ICPC details can be found on the website).

Softec promises to be an exciting, fun filled event with lots of benefits! We would urge the students all over Pakistan to participate. The AppJuice will be keeping you up-to-date with exclusive coverage of the event!

Written by Qurat Zafar
Her heart skips a beat everytime she sees a new, beautiful gadget. A tech enthusiast to the core, Qurat loves reading, writing and wasting time. She tweets at @q_zafar. Profile