This will be world’s first smartphone with 512 GB of storage

Written by Mohammad Jamal ·  1 min read >

Since all smartphone manufacturers are trying hard to bring new feature with new technologies or advancements such as a notch, no kidding notch is an advancement which will be the biggest features in the upcoming smartphones of 2018. According to Teena listing (Chinese Telecommunications equipment certification centre), an information has been leaked that Huawei is making a smartphone with 512 GB of storage. It is not confirmed whether it is the variant of the upcoming P20 Series or a different phone.

According to the image on the website, the smartphone with model number NEO-AL00 will come with 6 GB RAM and internal storage of 512 GB. If this news is true, this will be the World’s first smartphone with the highest internal storage because the maximum storage capacity ever on any smartphone is 256 GB.

If this becomes a reality all the other smartphone manufacturers will pick up the trend, as the competition rises, the consumers are benefited the most. Such as Apple’s Face ID feature was criticized a lot at first, but almost every smartphone manufacturer has adopted it.

The hard part is getting equipment to make 512 GB data storage, as Huawei lacks in making such memory chips in-house as they don’t have the production plants for it. The upcoming alleged NEO-AL00 phone might have the memory chip from Samsung or we never know Huawei might be in the final stages of making the chip itself and will soon show the world that they are capable of making in-house memory chips.

We don’t know for sure whether these specs are for the luxury models such as Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Design or the Mate 10 Porsche Design or maybe another Porsche edition model which could be the first smartphone to reach the 512 GB of storage.

Written by Mohammad Jamal
Mohammad Jamal is a technology writer whose expertise lies in writing news and review articles. He is a software engineer from Lahore and is currently using a Huawei Mate 10. Reach out to him at and Facebook: mohammad.jamal93. Profile