Xiaomi won’t launch Mi Max and Mi Note this year

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There’s always a point in every company’s lifetime when the brakes need to be pressed and processes halted in order to foster innovation in other departments or make its operations more efficient. Xiaomi seems to be thinking along similar lines, as it has decided to discontinue the Mi Max and Mi Note series for this year.

This announcement was made by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, in which he indicated that the company currently has no plans to launch any more devices in the Mi Max and Mi Note series. While there was no confirmation as to whether the discontinuation is permanent or not, you won’t be seeing any new devices this year, and it’s extremely likely that the Chinese tech giant has well and truly pulled the plug here.

Jun broke this news in a post that he shared on Weibo, where he also stated that the company now has clear goals that it wants to achieve under the Xiaomi and Redmi brand. In fact, it is entirely possible that the reason why the Max and Note devices under the company’s Mi series have been discontinued is to streamline their smartphone offering in order to target their audience more effectively.

For fans and ardent admirers of both series, it is tempting to believe that we might be seeing brand new Mi Max and Mi Note devices from 2020 onward. However, a company hardly ceases a product series only to revive it again, especially considering how Xiaomi is bound to be better off with an increased focus on its other products. Therefore, the last phones in the series respectively are Mi Max 3 and Mi Note 3.

If anything, the CEO’s post seemed to indicate that the company was looking forward to the future. It stated that there will be a focus on flagship products, the Mi Mix series and the new CC series for young consumers. The Redmi brand, on the other hand, will focus on creating more affordable handsets for the masses.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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