Xiaomi Pledges To Donate USD 100,000 For Flood-Affected People Of Pakistan

The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi, one of the biggest mobile suppliers in Pakistan, has announced that the foundation will...

Sep 3 ·>

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note Series Likely to be Shipped Without Chargers

Apple, a major giant in the world of technology, was made fun of for doing something absurd, and now,...

Aug 26 ·>

Xiaomi Unveils CyberOne Robot, a rival to Tesla’s Upcoming Optimus Bot

Xiaomi, the Chinese tech startup mostly known in the West for ripping off Apple’s designs, has revealed a prototype...

Aug 17 ·>
Xiaomi Unveils CyberOne Robot

Xiaomi Unveils Its Xiaomi Pilot Technology For Autonomous Driving

After the immeasurable success of Tesla, every software company is now looking to make their own auto-pilot Electric Vehicle....

Aug 15 ·>
Xiaomi Pilot Technology

Xiaomi to start local assembly of mobile phones in Pakistan next month

In an incredibly positive development for the Pakistani ecosystem, Chinese tech titan and the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is all...

Nov 10 ·>

Xiaomi officially partners with Air Link to manufacture smartphones in Pakistan

In order to boost Pakistan’s mobile manufacturing capabilities, Xiaomi has officially partnered with well-known assembler and distributor Air Link...

Nov 2 ·>

Xiaomi set to begin mass production of its first car in 2024

As the smartphone industry continues to expand and become a major competitive sector for smartphone companies. However, tech giants...

Oct 26 ·>

Xiaomi announces new smart glasses ahead of their launch event

With Facebook and Ray-Ban introducing their own version of smart glasses, Xiaomi has picked up the pace by announcing...

Sep 15 ·>

Xiaomi rolls out new features for the Mi 10 and Mi 11

In recent news, Xiaomi has started rolling out the MIUI 12.5 enhanced edition in China on August 13. With...

Aug 31 ·>

Xiaomi is officially letting go of the ‘Mi’ branding

In recent news, Xiaomi has officially announced that it will be discontinuing the ‘Mi’ brand name for all its...

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Aug 25 ·>

Xiaomi Introduces A New Robot Called ‘CyberDog’

In recent news, the Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi, has unveiled a quadrupedal robot called ‘CyberDog’ which the companies mentions...

Aug 12 ·>

Xiaomi Beats Samsung To Become The Number One Smartphone Brand

In recent news, Xiaomi has officially surpassed its rival Samsung to officially become the number one smartphone in the...

Aug 7 ·>