You can now get an Uber directly from Google Maps app

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January 13, 2017
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Google Maps now lets users request an Uber ride without leaving the Maps app and also, there will be no need to install Uber app separately.

Previously, when users opened ride mode service of Google Maps, they could see a long list of service providers and ride options. But they had to finish the booking and payment process in Uber app. The blog reads,

“With today’s updates, you’ll now see more types of ride options and more actionable information. When you open ride services mode, instead of a long list of ride service providers and ride options, you’ll see the map you know and love, along with a carousel of ride service providers in your area. Just tap on your preferred provider to see a complete list of ride options and special offers or promotions.”

With the new feature of Google Maps, users won’t have to leave the app to complete the process. Users won’t even have to install Uber app for booking rides and payment process. Once users sign into their existing Uber account or create one online, they can book Uber ride, track driver on the map, and connect with their driver—all from within the Google Maps app.

Google introduced the new ride service mode in Google Maps last year for the convenience of people and it has introduced a number of updates since then.

This feature will be available globally to all the Android or iOS users with the latest version of Google Maps app installed.

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