Your Phones Will Eventually Be Replaced by Augmented Reality Contact Lenses

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Contact Lenses
Mojo Vision, an Augmented Reality company based in California has now successfully developed the smallest smart contact lenses

Remember watching all those futuristic sci-fi advertisements, where we saw people swiping through a display that’s emitted right from their eyes? Well, that future isn’t really far now. This is because the world is slowly being introduced to Augmented Reality, often confused with Virtual Reality, the AR basically focuses on integrating technology with real life.

Engineers for the longest time have worked towards developing AR lenses that people could simply wear as a replacement for their phones, thus having all their digital information hovering right in front of their eyes. Living in the real world while having digital information integrated into everything you see makes the goal of AR-based technology come true.

Mojo Vision, an AR company based out of the US, California has been working on developing wearable AR lenses for a long time now. Researchers testing out the lenses have given some great insights into the product.

The lens gives the wearer a great sense of movement since they can move the cursor with their eyes. The lens also has many demo applications and helps users with navigation by producing different arrows. Apart from displaying directions, the lens also displays other daily life metrics such as cycling speed and weather, etc.

With both AR and VR making significant technological advancements, it’s hard to determine the future of tech. Would we see a world filled with people looking through digital lenses or a different digital world altogether? Well, only time would tell.

Social giant Meta is placing its bets on Virtual Reality, however other companies such as Mojo Vision have high hopes for Augmented Reality. Experts in the AR industry state that with computers becoming smaller, they would eventually turn into wearables thus making AR the clear winner.

While mega-companies such as Apple and Google have or are trying their luck with AR products, Mojo Vision has created the perfect product up until now. The small-sized lens works like a telescope, has nine titanium batteries, a flexible circuit and a convex mirror that magnifies pixels packed into two microns.

Standing a few feet away the pixels might look like a ray of light, however, when viewed up close its quality is nothing less than that of a smartphone. Imagine people watching TikTok videos, with nothing but their lens, sounds cool right?