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YouTube Introduces 30-Second Non-Skippable Ads on YouTube Select

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  58 sec read >
YouTube Ads
Previously YouTube showed two 15-second non-skippable ads on large screens, however now only a single 30-second ad will be displayed

Addressing its users at the Brandcast 2023, YouTube announced the introduction of a new 30 second non-skippable advertisement for YouTube Select on CTV. Prior to the new 30 second advertisements, all select channels on large screens received two 15-second non-skippable advertisements.

“YouTube Select is now landing over 70% of impressions on the TV screen, so we’re making it easier for you to use existing assets in front of the most-streamed content,” said the platform while announcing the new 30 second advertisement.

The YouTube Select is basically an advertisement campaign that allows advertisers to target the top 5% of the most popular and highly-viewed content in each specific niche thus offering a greater advertising reach and success.

YouTube believes that users on the large screens are already suited to watching bigger advertisements because of Television, making this a great option.

“This format also seamlessly fits into what viewers already expect and experience on the big screen,” said the platform.

Apart from introducing the 30 second non-skippable advertisement for CTV users, YouTube is also working towards prohibiting ad-blockers since they allow users to watch ad-free content thus affecting the earnings of both the platform and the creators.

This was first spotted by a Reddit user, who posted a screenshot claiming that he received a YouTube push notification telling him to turn off his ad-blockers before accessing the platform, the popup even offered him an ad-free alternative, asking the user to sign up to the YouTube Premium, an ad-free paid YouTube subscription.


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