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YouTube Shorts Creators Will Now Receive Ad Revenue

Avatar Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
YouTube shorts monetization
For each advertisement that plays before a YouTube Shorts, YouTube will give the creator around 45% of the total advertiser payment

Immensely popular on the platform, YouTube Shorts have proven to be quite successful for YouTube ever since its launch in 2020. According to data, YouTube Shorts collectively get up to 30 billion views per day, however unlike long-format video creators, shorts creators were not paid for their content up until now.

YouTube just announced a partnership program for YouTube Shorts creators, which will allow them to earn through the content they produce. Inorder to sign up for the creator program, YouTube has set up a number of different terms and conditions that the creator will have to follow and agree with until the 10th of July.

Details suggest that this partnership program between Shorts creators and YouTube will be on a 45% and 55% basis respectively. What this means is that YouTube will divide the ad revenue it gets from each advertisement that plays before a YouTube Shorts.

Alongside the update, YouTube has also introduced ‘Monetization Modules’, which in simple terms is a dashboard that allows creators to be more flexible with their earnings on the platform. YouTube however suggests that creators accept all modules in order to unlock the full earning potential.

Just like long-format video creators, YouTube shorts creators will also have to cross a certain benchmark before they can register themselves for monetization. As per the rules set by YouTube, a creator must have at least 1,000 followers and more than 10 million views on shorts, all in the span of 90 days before they can register for monetization.


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