Finally! YouTube launches video playback speed controls feature in mobile app

Avatar Written by Ali Leghari ·  1 min read >

YouTube has been testing playback speed controls features for its mobile app for quite a while. Finally, the company has launched the new feature across the globe, which will give users access to control the speed of the video. They can slow the video or they can fast-forward the video with just a few clicks.

It was reported earlier that the feature will roll out to only Android at first, however, the company has launched this new feature on both iOS and Android users. The feature is Live now. If somehow you don’t see the new update now don’t panic it will arrive eventually.

If you are excited and eager to try and test the feature, just click at hamburger menu which is placed at the top of app’s screen. It will open a new menu with many options at its disposal you just need to click on the option of Playback Speed, now you can choose the speed of the video you like. After choosing the speed of the video just sit tight and enjoy the video. You can choose to slow down video speed to as low as 0.25x or as high as 2.00x.

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In a post, the company said that this was not an easy task for them as they had to overcome many hurdles such as they had to retain the quality of the audio while the video play in slow mode or in fast forward mode. For example, playing videos faster could make the audio of the video sound like chipmunks. Similarly, playing video in slow mode could probably lower the pitch of the audio. So to overcome this hurdle they used the technique which is known as time stretching— a technique or “process to of changing the speed or duration of an audio single without affecting its pitch.”