Zong’s new logo leaked ahead of official rebranding announcement

By Saad Mughal on
May 31, 2016
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According to a leaked YouTube video of Zong’s latest TV commercial, the telecom operator is looking to re-brand. The commercial shows women and men dressed in pink and green drumming in a desert. The ad shows celebrations after which the new logo of the telecommunications company can be seen.

The logo in the cover image has been extracted from the commercial video that somehow made its way to YouTube prior to the official launch. The logo can be seen after a voice saying ‘A new dawn, a new dream — Zong 4G’ is heard. This could potentially mean that the telecom operator is looking towards a newer path and some changes are expected in the near future.

The pictures below show the history of the telecom operator’s logo:




Zong 4g
Here is the video link for the leaked TVC –

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