10 Security Settings That Protect The iPhone From Thieves

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Keeping an iPhone these days in your pocket is indeed a big challenge. The prices of iPhones are pretty high and not easy to buy again and again for an average person. Therefore, it is essential to take proactive measures to keep your mobile safe from thieves.

Undeniably, if an iPhone gets misplaced or stolen is indeed a traumatic situation, but it hurts more to know that our most personal data is also lost. But now, you can save the data by applying a few things, and the thieves won’t get access to your data easily..



Set A Longer Passcode

Through innovative techniques, thieves can easily detect the easy passwords before stealing the device. Once they have that code, it’s too easy for them to access all your personal information.

Later, they can use it to disable built-in security features such as Find My Tracking. You can prevent this by covering your phone when you type the passcode.

However, it is advised to use a strong and more complex passcode. You must go to Settings>Face ID and Passcode>Change passcode>Passcode Options and then select an extended and more difficult numeric passcode.

Enable Find My

However, it is obvious but important to state that: if your device is stolen or lost, Find My Tracking enables you to find it. One of your phone’s best anti-theft features is this.

Despite being enabled by default, you should make sure it hasn’t been inadvertently turned off. Select Settings and tap your name at the top. Then go to Find Me>Find My iPhone>and enable everything on that page.

Move Away From iCloud Keychain.

Indeed iCloud Keychain is an excellent way to manage passwords. iPhone user has to ensure that the iPhone passcode can be sued to access all the data in this service.

This depicts that if someone gets into your phone, they must be able to access your email, bank account, and other sensitive accounts. However, to be proactive, it’s better to move to a dedicated password manager app that will protect you if the phone gets stolen.

Use Your Apple Watch To Lock The iPhone.

If you are using your iPhone on the go and somebody snatches it unlocked, you still have the option to lock the device using your Apple Watch.

You must set up automation using Apple’s shortcuts app to avail of the feature. You need to go to Settings>Focus and tap the +button to create a new focus. Call it something like a “Lock Screen.”

However, there is no requirement to enable any triggers for this automation. Open the shortcuts app, go to the Automation tab, and select Create Personal Automation. Scroll down to the Focus section and select Lock screen, then tap when turning on and hit Next.

Tap Add Action. Use the search bar to find and add the following actions

  • Lock screen
  • Set WiFi
  • Set Mobile Data

Press Next again, Lastly, you need to disable Ask Before Running and tap Done.

You also have the privilege to open the Control Centre on the Apple Watch and enable the Lock Screen focus. The option will automatically lock your phone and help WiFi and mobile data so the user can avail of the anti-theft feature.

Enable Lost Mode

You have a fantastic option to avail yourself of if your phone is stolen. Use another device to go to,login with your Apple ID credentials, and mark the machine lost. The option will save your data and make it harder for thieves to erase and sell the device.

Limit Access To Features

iPhone offers multiple unique features from the Lock screen. Thieves can utilize the functionality to put expensive goods with your stolen credit cards. You can prevent yourself from becoming a victim by disabling this.

All you need is to go to Settings>Notifications>Show Previews and select When Unlocked.

Then go to Settings>Siri and Search and disable Allow Siri when locked. Lastly, you should hand over to Settings>Face ID and Passcode. Type the passcode and go to Allow Access When Locked. Disable everything

Set An Additional Lock For Apps

The Face lock indeed is a blessing to save your data. If snatched unlocked, this will protect all critical information, such as your social media accounts and financial information.

Use Screen Time Restrictions

The screen time option can save your data when the iPhone is stolen. You must go to Settings, Screen time, and use the screen time passcode. Make sure that this time you are using different passcode for screen time. Afterward, you must go to Content and Privacy Restrictions in Screen Time and disallow Account Changes.

Put A Passcode On Your SIM Card

In iPhone, you can put a passcode on your SIM card. When thieves try to put your SIM on another phone, they cannot access it. Before enabling the option, knowing that this also stops your SIM card from automatically connecting to mobile data after you restart, your phone is essential.

You need to go to Settings, Mobile data, SIM Pin, and enable this feature.

Enable Lock Down Mode

Finally, enabling lockdown mode on your phone will help protect your device when in an unsafe place. Or in case you are afraid of losing access to sensitive data in case of theft.

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