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New PTA Taxes On iPhone XR:May 2023

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

If you are planning to buy an iPhone in Pakistan, so it’s important to know that the national telecom regulator PTA once again increased the prices of these devices. iPhone is a popular and famous brand as everyone wants to purchase it, but due to high PTA taxes, only a high class or good-income people can afford it.

iPhone is famous for its sleek design, better performance, fantastic camera, and better resolution. But all of this costs a lot. iPhone prices are already very high, and PTA taxes have doubled in Pakistan. Recently, iPhone prices have risen enormously, which has become very pricey for an average person to buy.

Undeniably, the prices have risen for various reasons: the exorbitant PTA taxes and the depreciating value of the rupee against the dollar. Unfortunately, those willing to keep an iPhone also seem interested in buying older models.


iPhone XR is ideal for those who love to keep an iPhone and cannot afford the latest models. Here you will get the updated list of PTA taxes on the iPhone XR, though; it’s 4 generation older iPhone but still a good choice due to its features

iPhone XR is an impressively featured handset with a 6.1 inches screen size. If we talk about its specifications, it is powered by an Apple A-12 chipset. iPhone XR is available in Blue, Yellow, Red and Coral colours.

At first glance, it blends its previous models, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. On closer observation, you will learn that Apple picked out the best of both designs for this smartphone. The iPhone XR comes with the same bezel-less notch-full design as the iPhone X but a bit thicker bezel.

Moreover, the front and back are made of glass, but its frame comprises 7000 series aluminium, making it more prone to cracks and bends.

Updated PTA Taxes On iPhone XR

iPhone Model PTA taxes on Passport (PKR) PTA taxes on CNIC (PKR)
iPhone XR 58,320 69,652

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is a public organization responsible for telecommunication systems in Pakistan. The authority is responsible for providing the best quality services to its customers. Every smartphone we buy has to be registered with PTA by paying a certain amount of tax.

Undeniably, iPhone prices are at their peak, and iPhone XR is four generation-old models. The buyers are not happy about these PTA taxes as PTA is constantly increasing the tax prices after every few months. Due to the high PTA taxes, smartphones have become overpriced.

In addition, the buyers first have to pay the Italy cost of the handset, and then they have to pay PTA tax. Though the iPhone XR is an old model, its prices after the PTA tax are still pretty high.

However, the public is upset by the government’s heavy taxation of smartphones as old as 4-5 years. Moreover, these new PTA taxes on the iPhone XR have forced such an older phone out of people’s budget.

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