10 things that are really worth your time

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Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘You may delay, but time will not and lost time is never found again.’ Thoughts like ‘What am I doing with my time’, come to our minds every once in a while but we never really do anything about them. To be honest, your life is all about the choices you make, but are you really making the right ones? Are you wisely using the time you have? You can either use it or lose it.

Here are top 10 things that are worth your time. They will help improve your relationship with time.

1. Learn a new skill

I was really impressed by this quote:

The more languages you know, the more of a person you are.

Along with learning a new language, why not learn a new skill too? Pick one skill, master it, rinse and repeat. You will never regret learning something new. The internet has plenty of free resources to help you learn a new skill. Some of the best include:

    • YouTube: Look for awesome channels (eg. Vsauce or Crash course) that teach free stuff.
    • Podcasts: While you are running or driving, you can always listen to RED Radio Hour or any other podcast of your interest.
    • Online courses: There are lots of websites such as Coursera, EdX, and Udemy from where you can learn high-quality courses online and add a new skill set to your resume.
    • Read: Reading can be a great escape from the rush of life. It improves your vocabulary, increases productivity and even enhances your imagination. Why not download an eBook today?

2. Plan your day

Take charge of your day. When you plan, you are actually working on the specifics only. It lets you propel you towards your goals. Planning gives you a productivity boost too. Use your time of the day to do only the things that you want to. If you don’t run the day, the day will run you.

3. Spend time Networking

Networking is not just for entrepreneurs, but for every single person who has a skill. It is surely a secret to getting more business but at the same time, it is a great way to build relationships and a reputation. Look for networking events around your area and attend them. You never know who out there needs your services.

4. Stay committed to your passions

Whatever your passions are you should always stick to them. Even if they are not profitable, don’t give up. Most of us like to lean on comfort and safety but if you truly want to grow, you must step out of the comfort zone. And if your passions require that, take some risk and stay committed. Trust me, there is no better feeling than finding fulfillment by perusing your passions.

5. Work on your relationships

Your friends and family matter and you should never neglect them. A relationship can never be successful without care. Give your relationship what it needs to thrive. It is never going to grow on its own. So, let your loved ones know that no matter how much you are busy with your life, they are always in your mind.

6. Write a journal

A lot can happen during the course of the day and you may not remember all of it. So, why not write it down in your journal and remember it forever? Writing a journal is a great way of keeping track of your thoughts, emotions, and ideas that run through your mind. You may not be great at writing and you don’t have to be. Just start writing and periodically review your journal. It will allow you to see personal progress and that’s what really matters.

7. Be proactive and productive

Life doesn’t just happen. It is us who design it with our choices. The question is, are you really making the right choices? The answer depends on how proactive and productive you are in taking decisions, perusing your goals or maybe even grabbing the opportunities around you. These tips might help:

    • Don’t wait for good things to happen. Get up and create opportunities for yourself.
    • Organize your life and stop procrastinating.
    • If plan A does not work, then try your Plan B. You have to prepare everything in advance.
    • Stop complaining. Even if you fail a couple of times, do not slow down.

8. Volunteer

Do something for others. Volunteer every time you can. You might learn something about yourself. There are a lot of people out there who need us. Consider it as an opportunity to give something back to your community. The world needs every bit of good we can offer. Plus, it is fulfilling.

9. Reflect on life

All the busyness in life can easily trap you. At the end of each day, you need to ask yourself these questions:

    • What good have I done today?
    • How can I be better tomorrow?
    • Have I made any difference in someone’s life?

We all need to evaluate ourselves if we want to become better than what we were yesterday. If you weren’t doing it, then start reflecting on your life from today.

10. Relax – Your health matters too

Stress is an enemy of success so don’t let it affect you. Don’t be so hard on yourself otherwise, you will start losing health. Take deep breathes while working. Play a soft music in the background to relax your nerves. If you are multitasking and it is draining your energy, stop it. Eat healthy and live healthy. Don’t forget, physical fitness is important too. Join a fitness club or just grab a friend and go for a walk with him/her every morning. It’s the best therapy in the world!

In the end, make peace with time. Make sure these things become a part of your life and you will thank me later.

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