10 thoughts that hit you when cryptocurrency prices go down

Asra Rizwan Written by Asra Rizwan ·  47 sec read >

Cryptocurrency was taking the world by storm, everyone was investing and you did too. You saw BitCoin investors making it big and told yourself that it will indeed be the only currency in the next decade. You also convinced your family to pool in funds by telling them, BitCoin will be the online equivalent of gold. Now your pulse fluctuates with even the slightest variation of the price. With every upward trend observed for BitCoin and Ethereum prices, you start building castles in the air. However, when the price goes down, it can be a real struggle being patient, calming your nerves and contemplating the choices that lay ahead of you. Should you sell it? Or keep it? Or consume it in e-commerce? These are some of the thoughts that instantaneously hit your brain!

1. Aunties are always right. Gold is the safest investment option!

2. I shall no more be a millionaire.

3. The question is, to sell or not to sell?

4. I shall stay calm with my fingers crossed!

5. Should have listened to that uncle who said only paper money is real money.

6. But just yesterday it went 200% up!

7. I have lost all my money, I am a failure.

8. Abort mission! Cash Out!

9. I was supposed to retire early and travel the world!

10. I am positive it will be back up in no time.

Written by Asra Rizwan
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