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15 great Android apps for Tablets

Written by Nooh Kazi ·  4 min read >

The Apple’s iPad is famous for its apps, with a library of whooping 475,000 apps specifically designed for the iPad; it’s one of the Apple’s Key selling point, but what about Android Tablets? The Google Play Store is full of apps, but are there any good apps for Tablets? The Answer is simply, yes! So here we’ll be covering 15 great Android apps for Tablets you can download.

1. Viber:

By now, everyone must be familiar with Viber, and why not, it’s one of the famous cross platform text messaging and VoIP app, which looks and works great on Android tablets too, something that doesn’t happen on the iPad. It’s a great app to stay in touch with your buddies, with many features to express yourself.


Download here:

2. IMDb:

Internet Movie Database, the greatest online source of latest news related to movies has an app optimized for your tablet. With access to the latest news and trailers (which it plays natively on device, without redirecting you to YouTube) and all the information regarding movies and celebrities, the interface looks great and is comfortable to use too.



Download here:

3. SoundHound:

Like there is Shazam for Music recognition on Android smartphones, there is a better choice for Tablets, that’s SoundHound, which recognizes music as well as allows you to listen a part of it and would redirect you to its YouTube video too. Also according to its developers, it can recognize humming of song too. The UI is also greatly optimized for Tablets and it looks great too.



Download here:

4. Google Play Newsstand:

Google Play Newsstand is Google’s News reader app optimized for tablets. It Merges Google Currents and Google Play Magazines in one place, where you can read the trending news of all categories or read news of a particular field. You can also get standalone access to all the news from particular news provider. This is a must have news app for tablets.



Download here:

5. Android Authority:

Android Authority is a great news provider for Android. They cover all the happenings in the Android world, review latest devices, and provide tips and tricks and what not. Then they have a great app optimized for tablets too, which give you easy access to all their content, so if you want to remain updated with the news in the world of Android, this app is a must have.



Download here:

6. UB Reader:

UB Reader or Universal Book Reader is an awesome app for reading books and magazines on your Android Tablet. It has a book shelf at front where you see all your books and magazines you’ve imported to the app. It supports PDF as well as EPUB books too. Plus there is an online book store built in the app where you can get access to over 560,000 books.



Download here:

7. OfficeSuite 7:

OfficeSuite 7 is a wonderful productivity app, which allows you to view Microsoft Office documents including PDF format files as well. It supports a wide range of file formats and it is optimized for tablets very well. However, you can only view the files in the free version. You can buy the full version for creating and editing files. You can also download the trial, to explore its features.



Download here:

8. Air Droid:

Air Droid is a must have tool for any device, be it phones or tablets. It gives you control over your device, wirelessly via Wi-Fi. It lets you access your device’s camera, you can transfer files wirelessly, you can access photo, music, ringtones, and videos on your device, you can even access call logs and can text from your computer you can also access contacts and install and uninstall app from your device, all over Wi-Fi, wirelessly.



Download here:

9. Papyrus:

Papyrus, as the developer says, is a natural note taking app you can use for your tablet, and no doubt it is. You can take notes in your own hand writing; this app will work best with stylus and can be very beneficial for students too.



Download here:

10. ES File Explorer:

If you have been looking for an appropriate file manager app for your tablet, then look no further. ES File Explorer would do great, with its neat and clean UI this file manager app has many distinct features you don’t usually find in ordinary ones.



Download here:

11. Google Play Music:

Google Play Music is an elegant music playing app for Android devices which looks great on tablets even with restricted services, which people of other countries can access. If you’ve been bored of your stock music player and want something that would look fresh and new which can play your music, give this app a try.



Download here:

12. Tune In Radio:

Tune in Radio is an internet radio app which lets you listen to online radio stations around the world, stations of different countries and different languages and also different genres. The app supports live shows too, which you can listen.



Download here:

13. Allthecooks Recipes:

This is an app for those who are fond of cooking, with a library of 150,000 recipes; you can view any of them at hand. This app is greatly optimized for tablets and looks and works great, you can even browse using categories and can bookmark your favorite recipes also you can create a shopping list of the ingredients you need to buy.



Download here:

14. Eye in Sky:

Eye in Sky is a weather app for Android, which you can download for your tablet. It looks great on tablets as it is optimized for tablets and offers very comprehensive weather information. You can also add it’s widget on the home screen and can set multiple locations to get information about their weather.



Download here:

15. Boat Browser:

All the android tablets come with built in browsers, which do quite well, but many of them just don’t support flash player these days, as flash player is being taken over by HTML 5, yet the fact remains, that Flash Player Content is still used in many websites and lacking flash can sometimes effects the user experience. This is where Boat Browser steps in, its light, its fast, its small in size and it supports flash player for the website whose content relies highly on flash player.



Download here:

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