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15 things Harvey Specter can teach Young Entrepreneurs

Written by Qurat Zafar ·  40 sec read >
4- Harvey Specter

Learn From the Best:  15 things Harvey Specter from Suits can teach Young Entrepreneurs 

1.     Plan your goals. Know what you want to do, at what time and how exactly.

1 - Harvey Specter

2.     Pull up your socks and get ready for hard work

2 - Harvey Specter

3.     Plan big, remember the word impossible can spell out I am possible.

3- Harvey Specter

4.     Risks are essential. Entrepreneurs and risks go hand in hand, it is the only way to success.

4- Harvey Specter

5.     Encouraging your team members, even if once in a blue moon is important

5- Harvey Specter

6.     First impressions matter. A lot.

6- Harvey Specter

7.     If you know you’re good, own it. If you have a skill, feel free to boast about it.

7- Harvey Specter

8.     Fight the problems you face. Sometimes things get difficult but you should stand your ground.

8- Harvey Specter

9.     And when the problems escalates,

9- Harvey Specter

10.   What do you do if someone is being a complete pain in neck and not letting you get what is your due right?

10- Harvey Specter

11.    But hey, there are some rules you need to keep in mind:

11- Harvey Specter

12.     Now you must be thinking how do you win. It is simple really.

12- Harvey Specter

13.     Here is the golden rule

13- Harvey Specter

14.     Just to reinforce the point

14- Harvey Specter

15.     And lastly, here is some food for thought:

15- Harvey Specter

Written by Qurat Zafar
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