15 Valentines Day Presents For Your Techie True Love

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Valentine’s day is round the corner and love is in the air. Money can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a cool gadget which is pretty close. Choose from TechJuice’s collection of gifts, for your tech savvy partner this year to show how much you love them…TRU-TECH-LY!

We have compiled a list of gifts to wow him and her both! Dig in, whether you wish to splurge or spend in a budget, the list ranges from 700 to 15000

1) Minion Handsfree

Who doesn’t love minion? Everyone I know goes BA-NA-NA for minions. These hands free are both adorable and affordable. Gift her these to tell her “Tatata ti amo!. Available for PKR 699, place your order now.

2) Silicone Watches

This is a perfect present for sporty-tech lovers. Multi-functional healthy sports watch, helps balance the human body’s electric balance by Far Infrared Ray and Minus Ion emitted from Tourmaline and minus ion powder. Its lightweight and available in 12 vibrant colors. Up for grabs only for PKR 999.

3) Selfie-stick

Extendable-Handheld-Wireless-Bluetooth-Shutter-Selfie-Monopod-Stick-Holder-for-iPhone-5s-5-5-Samsung-IOS (1)-310x310
We do not want to sound stereotypical, but the selfie-stick is just plain fun! Whether you are trying to re-create the oscar selfie or you are holidaying somewhere, selfie-stick will come handy for both. You can pick a selfie-stick here, ranging from as low as PKR 999 to PKR 9,749.

4) Coffee Magic Stirring Cup

Your coffee lover is absolutely going to love you for this amazing self-stirring coffee mug. It is designed as a traveler mug which comes with a strain, so you can fix yourself coffee on the go anytime anywhere. Order your mug here for as low as PKR 1199

5) Lint Remover

Lint removers are one of the best things a tech savvy with a pet can have. If your partner has a pet Sinbo Lint Remover is the answer to your prayers. It’s sole mission is to remove pet hair, dandruff, dust and fuzz from your clothing and keep you looking impeccably groomed 24/7. That’s not it, it is not necessary to have a pet around. Sinbo Lint Remover’s rotating blades, quickly and efficiently remove lint leaving clothes gentle and smooth. The texture of the fabric is quickly clean from threads. Order here for PKR 1,499 only and never be caught lint-laden again.

6) Cartoon Character USB

USB’s are a bare necessity. It just get’s better if your USB is also your favourite cartoon character. This website stocks really cute cartoon character USB’s and the stock is limited. Grab your’s from the four choices available, for RS 2300 while the stocks last.

7) Car Inverter for Laptop Chargers

sml_1361799784-PI150U__42009_zoomThis is probably the best gadget ever for those who are always on the go. Nothing is worse than batteries dying on your devices PSP, cameras, iPhone, laptops etc. and wait for a wall outlet to recharge them. Worry no more! Just plug those inverter in your car cigarette power adapter and you can charge your devices directly from your car battery. Order now for PKR 2,449 only and never run out of battery again.

8) Merlin iPhone5 EMF Absorption case

Show them how much you care by buying them this cool gadget which blocks harmful EMF radiation emitted by your phone hence protecting your loved ones. Besides cutting down EMF, it also doubles as a additional layer of protection and is rubberized to provide an enhanced grip. Buy the flip cover here for PKR 3599 only.

9) Bluetooth TV connection kit

Are you an early sleeper while your partner watches their favorite TV shows and movie all night long? Well you can now sleep in peace, just buy this amazing plug n play bluetooth device for them this V-DAY. Simply plug it in audio output, pair it with a bluetooth headphone and VIOLA! Order your ‘sleep in tranquility’ here for PKR 5149.

10) Xiaomi Power Bank 10,400 mAh


Power banks come handy for all those tech lovers who are always using their smart phone. The cool feature about this particular power bank is that it comes with a sleek laser, perfect combination for a businessperson of today. I almost forgot to mention, it charges MP3 players as well. I suggest you buy one for your valentine and yourself for PKR 4900 only!

11) iPod Shuffle 2GB

ipod-nanoThe cute iPod shuffle is colorful, clip-and-go, with a VoiceOver and multiple playlists. You can gift this iPod shuffle to your loved one on this special day. The iPod is beautiful and wearable. Enjoy your favorite music when you are shopping, jogging, exercising, etc. It even talks to you. Yes, it really does. Press the VoiceOver button to hear the song title, playlist name or battery status. We bet your beloved will love this iPod Shuffle. It’s too cute and colourful! Order now for PKR 8,500.

12) Merlin 3D Earphones with Amplifier

Perfect for musicians and audiophiles who won’t settle for less, or commuters and travelers who want to enjoy their music while working, commuting or travelling. Listen to chest thumping Bass and perfectly clear MIDS and highs from any MP3 player, Smartphone or DVD Player with the included Portable Audio Amplifier. Buy now for noise isolation for PKR 9549.

13) E-Book Reader Lite

There can be no better gift for someone who is techie and a book lover at the same time. Asides from books you can view magazines, comics, movies and photos in full color on its bright high resolution screen. Its light and sleek build makes it ideal to hold easily in your hand. Available online for PKR 11099, order now!

14) Mini projector portable


With Indo-Pak cricket match approaching right after V-Day, this has to be the best present ever. It is portable and comes with 2GB memory inside so you can enjoy your favorite music. Store video and movies to view anywhere on a wall with a projection of 5″-50″. Order now for PKR 13049 and enjoy movies together like never before.

15) 3D Doodler

If you are in love with someone who is a techie doodler, this has to be the perfect gift for them. It’s the new IN thing. 3D doodler pen is a 3D drawing pen which draws 3D images, it extrudes heated plastic, which quickly cools and solidifies into a strong stable structure. You can build numerous variety of shapes with this cool gadget. Get your hands on this amazing 3D pen for PKR 14,499 here.

TechJuice being techies, is giving you a helping hand with this list of actually useful tech gadgets that can be presented as a gift for both him and her. I have listed gadgets which are fun and useful. TechJuice will be looking forward to feedback on what you decide to give as a gift to your significant other from our compilation – don’t forget to share your thought in the comments section below!

Happy Valentines!

Written by Amna Mishal
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