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5 Android Apps you should download

Written by Talha Masood ·  1 min read >
Must have Android Apps

Google Play store is filled with thousands of Android apps and the thing we don’t like about Play Store is that the ‘Top Free’ and ‘Top Paid’ section has always the same names. New apps don’t get enough recognition and limelight and hence are most of the time ignored by Users. Today we dived into the Google Play app store to search for some diamonds. Here are some good applications that you should download.

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1- Fixie GIF

Fixie GIF Camera - Android Apps
Fixie GIF Camera

Apple launched its new iPhone a few days ago and a new feature they included in the camera app was the ability to make GIFS. GIFS are a combination of photos arranged in an animation. Fixie GIF allows you to arrange photos in an animation in a more fun way. The app takes instant photos and automatically arranges them in a GIF. Edit GIFS by adding borders, funny doodles and styled texts.


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2- Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher - Android Apps
Buzz Launcher

Android operating system is finally stable that means developers can make more great apps. Buzz Launcher is the most revolutionary Android launcher available. Design your own interfaces or make your phone more artistic by downloading interfaces made by professional designers. Sharing is a big part of our lives. With Buzz Launcher you can share your interface with your social networks too.


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3- Drippler

Drippler - Android Apps

Android is full of hidden features waiting to be discovered, one person can not find all of them. This was the idea for Drippler, Drippler team closely analyzes the Android operating system and writes about hidden features, tips and tricks. This app can make your android experience simpler and easier. We say that Drippler is a must have app for every android user.


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4- PicsArt

PicsArt - Android Apps

PicsArt is the most intuitive and simplistic app to edit photos. This beautifully flat designed app allows you to take photos, add effects, make collages, and even shop for photos too. Editing photos has never been more fun. The best feature is that with this app you can copy your friend’s photo and draw different things on it. I gave my friend a complete makeover today.



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5- Dots – A Game about Connecting

Dots - Android Apps

Dots is a very simple yet interesting game, the goal is simple you have to connect as many dots as you can in 60 seconds to earn score. Multiplayer features are also included in this game, You can connect the game with your social networks to check your friends high scores other than that you can play multiplayer with your friend in local mode as well.


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Written by Talha Masood
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