Android News and Magazine Apps for Tech Geeks

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Android News and Magazine Apps

If you are a Tech Geek I am sure you spend a lot of your time on web reading the latest tech news, hacking into new features and trying the beta versions of newly released applications. Even when you are with your friends or out for shopping you can’t resist the urge to sneak into your phone to get bits of latest news. Don’t worry this is all Normal – This is the story of life of every Tech Geek.
I have gathered a few Android News and Magazine apps that would help you get the latest news and updates quickly without compromising your relationship with your family, friends and people you care about.

Android News and Magazine Apps


Pulse is a wonderful news reading application. I absolutely love it because of its very simple and straight forward User Interface. Pulse application allows you to read your favorite blogs, magazines and even your social network updates in a beautiful manner. The application is very easy to set up, you can choose the websites that you want to follow according to your interests. You can mark content as ‘Read it Later’ and get back to it in free time.
Pulse application is very lightweight,unlike other competitive news reading applications, I have never got a problem updating this application even on Edge Data. It updates and downloads the latest content very quickly.
The swiping left and right feature is amazing and very fluid. Because of this feature, I can consume a lot of information in very less time. This is a must have for all those who read content from multiple websites and have installed dozens of applications for this purpose on their mobile.
Average Rating: 4.4/5

Android News and Magazine Apps


You talk about beautiful magazines and ignore Flipboard, this is impossible. As the name suggests, Flipboard is a news reading board where you flip through the news as you flip through the desk calenders in real life. This application is famous for the ‘Flip’ animations and beautiful bold font. Flipboard is the first application in the world to introduce this Flip animation and that is patented by Flipboard founders. 🙂
Like Pulse apps you can choose to get news from a wide range of topics and you can also integrate your social networking accounts with this application too. I would say User Interface wise this application is better then Pulse, but still I prefer Pulse News because of its light weight and ability to get updates quickly.
Average Rating: 4.5/5

Android News and Magazine Apps

Google Currents

Google Currents is also a very beautiful news reading application. If you are a big fan of Stock Android Interface then you will love this application because this one is developed by Google – the experience of it is amazing. It has smooth and buttery animations that makes you indulge in the fluid and clean transitions.
Like other applications you can choose from a wide variety of topics and you can add subscriptions as well.
Average Rating: 4.1/5

Android News and Magazine Apps


Feedly is another news reading application that aggregates data from different website’s RSS feeds and presents it to you in beautiful manner. The data is mobile optimized hence it loads faster and doesn’t compromise with the user experience of the application. The feedly UI is custom tailored for a 4″ phone, a 7″ tablet and a 10″ tablet. If you run feedly on a tablet, you will get an experience which is very close to a personalized magazine: a really fun way to track and read your favorite blogs.
When you run feedly on a phone and on a tablet, the configuration will automatically syncs between both devices. Feedly also gives you the ability to sync the content you have read between feedly and google reader. This is a good replacement of Google Reader that is expected to shut down on 1st July.
This is also another fantastic app, it all depends on your personal preference which application you want to use more.
Average Rating: 4.6/5

Android News and Magazine Apps


Drippler is a magazine app that is focused on Android OS based Mobile Phones. If you are crazy about all the latest android updates, news, software, OS updates, wallpapers, applications and games. Then, this application is a must for you.

I have been using this app for a while and to be honest, ever since I installed this application I have stopped cramming here and there for android related updates. One of the best thing about this application is it automatically recognizes your mobile phone model and brings in all the information and news that is related to your phone and its OS version.
Average Rating: 4.7/5

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