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5 best ideas for women to start a business with minimum capital

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Most of the women in Pakistan consider starting a home based business because they can start it at any time without using huge investment. Technology has enabled women to work on their startup with the relief of sitting in their homes just by using a laptop and an internet connection. Small businesses give handful profit on the daily or monthly basis.
Here is a list of small business ideas for women in Pakistan:

1- Gift Baskets:

Gift baskets make great presents for just about everyone. They don’t even need to be in baskets. A backpack full of school supplies and edible treats is ideal for a new college student. Think about hand-painted wrapping paper or gift wrapping that expresses the purpose and theme of the gift itself. The types of gift baskets you make are only limited by your creativity. You can sell these gift baskets online.

2- Supplying food or Home based cooking items:

If you love to cook and you frequently get compliments regarding your cooking then this means you can earn money through this. So, next time, your close friend asks you to cook something for you, tell them that you started charging for it.
Invest in a good phone with a great camera and create a Facebook page. Start uploading photos of your food on your page. There are services like Road Runner that can help you deliver the food to your customers.

3- Starting a Beauty Parlor:

Starting a beauty parlor is also a good idea for running your home business. You can learn a lot from YouTube tutorials also. You can also get a certification from a makeup institute so, you become capable enough of running your own parlor. This is comparatively a common business idea for women in Pakistan. You can spare one room at your home and turn it into makeup studio for your clients. You can make your website or a Facebook page and share beauty tips on it.

4- Starting a Day Care Center:

Starting a daycare center is another profitable business idea for Pakistani ladies. There are a number of women who work and want to have a reliable day care center to leave their kids. Before making your own daycare center, you should try to work in an already established center for some months. Once you will gain some experience, you can start this business by setting a few rooms in your own home. You can develop an online portal so that people can register with your platform.

5- Dress Designing:

If you love to design clothes, you should turn this hobby into a business and earn good bucks. All you need is a tailor and Instagram page where you can post pictures of the dresses that you have designed for yourself. Start by telling your friends to follow your page and then you can start getting followers. That’s how you will be easily able to get more orders from your customers.

Written by Aqsa Khunshan
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