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5 Hottest Companies to Work for in 2015

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As spring time approaches we will soon see a fresh batch of graduates from various institutes getting out of the frying pan and into the fires of job hunting with their degrees. While many Pakistani students will have the aim of working anywhere they can land a job, those of you who are doing a degree relevant to the technology niche should set your sights for these companies which have managed to be ranked as some of the best work places to be in.

While you might say that the names have become redundant, are obvious or are repeated. Yet, you can’t deny that deep down you WANT to work for these companies as your long term goal, don’t you?

1. Google


The internet is a vicious cycle of “dog eat dog”, where we have seen the rise and fall of many sites only lasting a few years, Google is the one site that continues to stand the test of time, This site would later on spread on their wings to other projects that have now amounted to being backbones of various organizations, companies and innumerable individuals such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive.

The company offers some of the best incentives in terms of insurance, monetary compensation, robust work place techniques and much more. Once you get a job here and if you are willing to put in the effort that the company asks for, you never have to worry about working for any other company as long as you maintain loyalty with them.

2. Apple


Who wouldn’t want to work with a company that is worth two digit billion dollar figures? You can see the latest tablet and phone prototypes but never be able to talk about, This place can even be referred to as the modern day “Wonka’s Chocolate Factory” where everyday many wonders are being built and tested behind closed doors while the world waits in silence.

Apple also offers you many sign on benefits and handsome packages just like Google and if you are a talented individual, they might just offer you more than you aimed for when initially looking for a job and build up on your 401k within your first few months of employment with them .

Working with Apple is a great learning experience too as you will work with and come to pass with many gifted individuals who might just surprise you.

3. Facebook


Who wouldn’t want to work for the social media titan? MySpace, Orkut and other social media sites couldn’t hold a candle when being compared to this behemoth. While the perks and packages of working with Facebook, this is a place where you learn and work. Employees are given plenty of opportunities to explore, learn and build on experiences to implement for their jobs and experience.

It has been many years since Facebook has been the head honcho of the social media enterprise and the way that the company has continued to grow over the years and continue to grow on users every year is still amazing when we see how rapidly the decline of Orkut and MySpace came, but despite years of operation, there are still no signs of Facebook going anywhere, anytime soon.

4. MindBody


A company that focuses on helping small businesses grow also cares for its employees extensively. With many enticing perks and benefits such as paid leave, onsite massages, onsite wellness classes, insurance and monthly wellness vouchers only being the tip of the ice berg you also get to work with some great managers and bosses!

I am sure that most of you have already set this company as your dream destination to work with, This is certainly a place where you can enjoy working because of how soothing the work environment sounds and how you can practically come to work every day singing “Hakuna Matata” with a broad smile.

5. Qualcomm


You get to work with the future of telecommunication, today! The company is famous for their chips that are used in majority of the smartphones in the markets today and while we are only the end users of their products, don’t you want to be a part of the company that is now giving you the processing power to do so much more with your phone?

The on-job training, resources and assets that are at your disposal when working with this company are bountiful and surely will be the dream come true of any technology enthusiast, this is easily a company that you should set your sights for if you religiously follow the world of smartphones.

If you are still curious about what are other prosperous places to work for, take a look at this ranking done by GlassDoors where they have used a 5 point rating system to rank the 50 best places to work for, each workplace assessment consisted of a 1000 employees rating their own workplace so you can be assured about the objectivity being maintained without any bias.

Hottest Place to Work in 2015

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