5 Must have Android Apps for Couples

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Couple - Android App

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It’s February the month of love, romance and passion. There are a lot of android apps in market for staying in touch, sharing your feelings with the person you love and the best thing about these apps is its just for you and your loved one! Not crowded like other social apps. So, just try these apps and have a great Valentines Day!! ๐Ÿ™‚ [button size=small style=less_round color=green align=right url=]Download[/button]


Couple - Android App


Couple is a very sweet and straight forward app! It is very easy to set up, just login with your email address and provide the email address of the person with whom you want to couple with. The pair making notification is sent to the user who can accept it and Bang!! You both are now paired.
It is a full flag apps with all the features an app can have, my most favorite feature is the ‘ThumbKiss’. A feature that let’s you see where your partner is touching their screen so you can touch the same spot and make both phones vibrate simultaneously. Awww!! <3

Some of the other features it has are :

  • Connect to only one other person for the most private messaging experience
  • See when your partner is online to chat with you
  • Send photos, videos, voice messages and text messages for free
  • Draw cute sketches for your partner in realtime, or play Tic-tac-toe!
  • Instantly share your location with your partner
  • Get reminders for important dates such as anniversaries, and birthdays
  • Use your shared todo list to remind your partner to pick something up on the way home
  • Other special features designed for people in relationships


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Avocado - Android App


Avocado keeps your favorite person as close as your phone.

Avocado is the fast, reliable and fun way to privately stay connected with your partner no matter where you are. It’s like whispering sweet nothings in their ear from miles away. And like home, it’s a private space for just the two of you to collect and share a life.

Like the couple app, You can share pictures, create events, send messages, make lists with your partner. The best feature of this app is the Hug and Kiss features. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just put the screen against your heart to hug your partner and kiss the screen to smooch your partner. ๐Ÿ™‚ This app has a very fluid and beautiful UI too.

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Between - Android App


Between is a beautiful space where you can share all your moments only with the one that matters. Chat and talk for free, share photos to create a timeline just for the two of you. Check and plan your special days together and set reminders for them.

Create, share and remember all your moments with your special someone. Get started now!


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Bistri - Android App


Bistri is a private social network. They believe most stories are meant to be private and not to be shared with all of your contacts.

Bistri is the best way to share things such as photos and files from your Dropbox with your closest friends and family. Just share things like you already do in real life in a one-to-one private conversation!

Share with anyone you like, even if they don’t have Bistri installed!
They will still be able to see what you share with them via email or text.


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EveryMe - Android Apps


Everyme is the private social network, bringing together families, best friends and couples that want to stay in touch. We believe most stories are meant to be shared with your closest friends and family, not with 500 random acquaintances.

A group is a private news feed between you and a group of people. It’s private and secure, so you no longer need to worry about who sees what.



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