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10 Android Apps for Couples you can’t miss

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Apps for almost task is available, this is a well-established fact these days. So couples, worry not, there are apps for you too. Here we’ll be covering 10 great android apps for couples and people who want to share their private life with a few people only. So let’s get started:


Couple, is a great private app for only 2 persons, where you and your partner can join to share your personal videos and pictures, to make a timeline of your worthy moments. You can text each other as well as call from within the app, also you can send voice messages to each other too. Calendar is there too, to set reminders and important dates, also there is to do list which you and your partner can share mutually to get the tasks done in a proper way. Plus there are number of other features which you’ll discover when you’ll use the app yourself.



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Avocado is another great app for couple. It lets you text your favorite person privately, share pictures with them, set tasks and the built in calendar lets you set reminders for important dates and anniversaries. You can also exchange virtual hugs and kisses with your favorite person via this app. Also, you can create doodles on pictures or on blank canvas, before you share them.


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Appy Couple:

Appy Couple is an app for the couples who are about to get married. It includes all the information about the couple going to marry and the marriage. It’s more like a virtual invitation for the marriage for everyone who owns a compatible device. As you set up the app, you’ll be given a special code which you can distribute in the guests whom you want to invite. A couple can set up all the information in the app, like the events and their timings with dress codes, important people to the bride and groom, they can share their story telling how they met, etc.



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Between is another wonderful app for couples. It allows you to send texts and voice mails to each other, and share photos with each other, on which you can comment too and get notifications about each other’s activity. It also allows you share memos as well and bookmark your favorite pictures and memos and view them separately from other stuff, in a space called memory box.



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Tokii is about couples, but it is something different. It is an app which provides games and relationship advices for you and your special one, and it is for every type of couple. According to the app developers, games allow the two understand each other better. There is a MoodMeter, which you can use to tell your partner how you feel, and then see how they make you feel. Also there are a number of games which you and your partner can play.



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LoveBytes is another typical app for couples, which allows you to text your loved one, share photos with them and create a private timeline with them, share memos, and set important dates. Another feature of this app is that it also allows you to send a dating invitation card to your very special person.



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Everyme is more of private social networking app, where you can stay in touch with your loved ones, including family members, and best friends. Couples can use it too, for private sharing. You can make different groups within the app and select your content to be shared, with particular people or groups. There is a private news feed too where you can see all the stories from your loved ones.



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Bistri is an app which gets you a link which you can share with people you want to make Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) based video calls. It also allows you to share your private pictures from your drop box account with your loved ones. Couples can use it to do video calls to each other and share photos.



Download here:


Wunderlist is a great app to share to do list and tasks between people and get the things sort out. Though it’s more of an app for business use, but couples can use it too, to get their daily tasks done with intuitive reminders and the flexibility of sync offered by the app across different platforms.

Wunderlist Wunderlist-2

Download here:

Grocery Shopping List: Listick:

Grocery Shopping List: Listick is a great grocery list app which couples can use for their ease. With real time sync your partner can update the item in the list from their device and you can get all the updates on your device. It’s a great app to take to the shopping mart with items one may want to get, saved on the list in the app. You can also benefit from a number of list and items already saved in the app.



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