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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy QMobile

Written by Sibtain Haider ·  2 min read >

QMobile, Pakistan’s number one smartphone selling brand, is making history through its enormous sales throughout the country. From cheap touchscreen phones, to affordable Android powered smartphones that are often similar to phones from well known brands, it has made a big jump and captured the market, making its phones the highest imported smartphones in Pakistan, with more than a million units of import.

While QMobile is popular with Pakistanis, there are many users that are not willing to go back to QMobile devices once they have used one. This means that despite the high sales, QMobile is still lacking certain specifications and qualities that make it a good smartphone for the users. We decided to compile a list of the top 5 problems that QMobile users have faced so that next time you decide to buy a QMobile, you can know what you are signing up for.

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1. Lackluster UI

QMobile spends an enormous budget on expensive ads that often feature popular Bollywood stars but unfortunately the company doesn’t seem to work too hard on the UI. The latest offering, QMobile Z6 comes with the new Amigo UI, an interface that has been used by Gionee high end smartphones. This interface is better than the previous ones but it still needs improvement. QMobile needs to invest time and money to improve the UI and bring it up to par with the interfaces of the top brands. As it is, most users will find the UI to be frustratingly unimpressive.


2. Limited memory; Phone storage and Internal storage

Most of QMobile smartphones have a limited memory of up to 4GB when even the budget phones nowadays come with 16GB option. With 4GB internal memory you are looking at a very limited number of applications and once you have exhausted the space, you will continuously be plagued by messages of low memory which are sheer nuisance. To further worsen the situation, this low internal memory is divided into Phone Storage (1.33 GB) and Internal Storage (0.98 GB). The Phone Storage is for contacts, messages, calls etc., and the Internal Storage is for apps themselves or their data.This means that the Phone Storage part of the memory is rendered practically useless.

The smartphones do have an option of extending the storage with an external micro-SD card (which you get one with the phone), but every app that you install requires some of its data to be saved in the internal storage. There soon comes the time when your internal storage gets filled and has no more space for data, which of course prevents you from downloading more apps, even if you have plenty of space left in your micro-SD card.

This division of space by QMobile thus creates problems for smartphone users, making it impossible to enjoy a QMobile.

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3. Bloatware

Low internal memory is bad as it is but QMobile makes it worse: welcome to the world of some of the worst bloatware you will find in phones. There is a plethora of useless applications that come pre-installed in the QMobile which, by the way, can’t be uninstalled. So QMobile not only gives you a low memory to deal with, but manages to divide it unfairly and then to further exacerbate the situation, it fills the remaining memory with bloatware that most seasoned Android users will consider completely useless; how pathetic is that? All that glitters is not gold after all.

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4. Battery problems

No doubt QMobile smartphones have one of the long lasting batteries, with energy saving capacities higher than almost all of their competitors, but there are some battery problems concerning the users over time.

The battery percentage drops very normally from 100 to 50, but below 50, it gets unpredictable. The percentage drops down real fast, especially after 40% it dives to 15% within almost half an hour of usage, making the battery unpredictable.

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5. QMobile is still stuck at Android 4.2 JellyBean

Really now, we are talking about Android L at this point in time and manufacturers like Xiaomi have already made products like Mi4 which feature the new navigation buttons that will be used in Android L but QMobile still seems stuck at 4.2 JellyBean. It seems rather stupid to release an Android flagship in 2014 (Noir Z6) without pre-installed Android KitKat 4.4.2. Does QMobile think its users aren’t tech savvy enough to care or are they simply not ready to spend time customizing KitKat 4.4.2 to create a better UI? Regardless, the fact that QMobile is still stuck at JellyBean while the world has long since moved on is very annoying.

Still willing to buy a QMobile? Is price the only factor that motivates buyers to buy copies of high-end, branded smartphones? Let us know in the comments below!