5 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy QMobile

By Sibtain Haider on
August 19, 2014
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QMobile, Pakistan’s number one smartphone selling brand, is making history through its enormous sales throughout the country. From cheap touchscreen phones, to affordable Android powered smartphones that are often similar to phones from well known brands, it has made a big jump and captured the market, making its phones the highest imported smartphones in Pakistan, with more than a million units of import.

While QMobile is popular with Pakistanis, there are many users that are not willing to go back to QMobile devices once they have used one. This means that despite the high sales, QMobile is still lacking certain specifications and qualities that make it a good smartphone for the users. We decided to compile a list of the top 5 problems that QMobile users have faced so that next time you decide to buy a QMobile, you can know what you are signing up for.

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1. Lackluster UI

QMobile spends an enormous budget on expensive ads that often feature popular Bollywood stars but unfortunately the company doesn’t seem to work too hard on the UI. The latest offering, QMobile Z6 comes with the new Amigo UI, an interface that has been used by Gionee high end smartphones. This interface is better than the previous ones but it still needs improvement. QMobile needs to invest time and money to improve the UI and bring it up to par with the interfaces of the top brands. As it is, most users will find the UI to be frustratingly unimpressive.


2. Limited memory; Phone storage and Internal storage

Most of QMobile smartphones have a limited memory of up to 4GB when even the budget phones nowadays come with 16GB option. With 4GB internal memory you are looking at a very limited number of applications and once you have exhausted the space, you will continuously be plagued by messages of low memory which are sheer nuisance. To further worsen the situation, this low internal memory is divided into Phone Storage (1.33 GB) and Internal Storage (0.98 GB). The Phone Storage is for contacts, messages, calls etc., and the Internal Storage is for apps themselves or their data.This means that the Phone Storage part of the memory is rendered practically useless.

The smartphones do have an option of extending the storage with an external micro-SD card (which you get one with the phone), but every app that you install requires some of its data to be saved in the internal storage. There soon comes the time when your internal storage gets filled and has no more space for data, which of course prevents you from downloading more apps, even if you have plenty of space left in your micro-SD card.

This division of space by QMobile thus creates problems for smartphone users, making it impossible to enjoy a QMobile.

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3. Bloatware

Low internal memory is bad as it is but QMobile makes it worse: welcome to the world of some of the worst bloatware you will find in phones. There is a plethora of useless applications that come pre-installed in the QMobile which, by the way, can’t be uninstalled. So QMobile not only gives you a low memory to deal with, but manages to divide it unfairly and then to further exacerbate the situation, it fills the remaining memory with bloatware that most seasoned Android users will consider completely useless; how pathetic is that? All that glitters is not gold after all.

4. Battery problems

No doubt QMobile smartphones have one of the long lasting batteries, with energy saving capacities higher than almost all of their competitors, but there are some battery problems concerning the users over time.

The battery percentage drops very normally from 100 to 50, but below 50, it gets unpredictable. The percentage drops down real fast, especially after 40% it dives to 15% within almost half an hour of usage, making the battery unpredictable.

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5. QMobile is still stuck at Android 4.2 JellyBean

Really now, we are talking about Android L at this point in time and manufacturers like Xiaomi have already made products like Mi4 which feature the new navigation buttons that will be used in Android L but QMobile still seems stuck at 4.2 JellyBean. It seems rather stupid to release an Android flagship in 2014 (Noir Z6) without pre-installed Android KitKat 4.4.2. Does QMobile think its users aren’t tech savvy enough to care or are they simply not ready to spend time customizing KitKat 4.4.2 to create a better UI? Regardless, the fact that QMobile is still stuck at JellyBean while the world has long since moved on is very annoying.

Still willing to buy a QMobile? Is price the only factor that motivates buyers to buy copies of high-end, branded smartphones? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Mohsin

    Well Said. Very good article. I guess the only reason for Q mobile to have high sales figure is lower prices.

    • FatimaRizwan

      Agree. You can’t get so many good features and best quality in such a low price. QMobile had to compromise in one thing or the other. They chose features over quality.

  • Asif

    These are SUCH petty issues, which are also based on perspective. I think the UI is alright. Simple to understand. Bloatware is usually a problem in most phones. Ever bought a phone from a sim company in the US? AT&T phones have shitloads of preinstalled apps that cant be removed. Tbh i think this is a redundant post. Q Mobile shows value for money. Phones like the Z6 come with a 16GB Memory and a 2GB RAM. It also comes with an Octacore and amazing cameras. How much is this phone for? Only a little above 30k. A phone of this kind would be almost 10-20k more expensive if made by other companies. I think QMobile is doing a good job.

    • jus2ruff

      They use a mediatek chip, which is cheap to produce, and thus the price is low. Quad core doesnt always mean better performance, a dual core Apple A5 chip beats the crap out of an octa core mediatek.

      And dont you call their cameras amazing, they cant even compete with huawei in terms of camera quality.

      Also they don’t produce phones, they just rebrand. The phones which cost you 20-30k cost 10-15k if you buy from the producer on aliexpress.

      Qmobile is ripping off people now, fake imei, poor after sales service and now LG and Samsung produce much better low budget phones.

  • Daanyal Malik

    Q Mobile really need to learn something from Micromax.

    • FatimaRizwan

      Micromax and QMobile are same manufacturer with different brand name.

      • jus2ruff

        Qmobile is in no way related to micromax, apart from the fact that they rebranded noir A10 and few other phones from micromax. Being the author of techjuice you guys should take care when spreading information.

        • Kashif Muhammad

          Actually, QMobile and Micromax are related. Both of them buy devices from China and rebranded them before selling. Many QMobile and Micromax phones are same with different names.

  • Bilal

    I’m long Qmobile user and I agree with point 2 and 3 … rest I do not agree with the writer

  • M Ali

    You forgot one very important point: QMobile phones do not have registered IMEI numbers, so if they get stolen or lost, anyone can access the pictures and files on your phone’s memory! At least this was the case 2 years back, I’m not sure if they’ve corrected it now.

  • Salik

    Come on, now! I’ve been a Noir A910 user for around three months and I don’t have a single regret about buying this phone. The UI is okay! I, for one, understand it completely and think it’s pretty comprehensive. Plus, this phone is easily the slimmest and lightest smartphone, powered with all the features, that I have come across. I think it would be better to actually seek user opinions before resting on such conclusions. And regarding limited memory and battery problems (which I can’t choose to agree with – every Android phone, including Qmobiles, have a total battery life of not more than one day), if Qmobile smartphones cost us more than 20,000, like other ‘good’ brands do, these arguments would have been legitimate.
    YES – If somebody does ask me for one weakness, Qmobiles have a very crappy camera. 8mp in a Samsung is way different and better than 8mp in a Q.

  • yousufrafi

    QMobile Noir A120 is actually good.. other than touch which not that cool it’s 5mp camera with front camera for Skype.. this phone is a blessing for those amma aba whose children are away but want to stay in touch.. easy operations with big screen which is quite good for aged people.. loved it!

  • Salman

    Had worst experience with QMobile support. Extremely poor warranty terms, I had to knock at court to get my right from them.

  • Ali Altaf

    There is a reason why “made in Pakistan” never succeeds !! whether it is Adam Revo in vehicles, Pakola in beverages, QMobile in tech and other sorts, there is a reason why they can never go big, and the reason is us, our hasty comparisons with the giants and silly ungratefulness!!
    Before they went big these smart phone companies and tech giants which we idolize made a lot of mistakes, but introduced great room of innovation through gimmicks, gimmicks and ads which QMobile right now is doing so that it too can get that innovation after being favored by the masses.
    Secondly, not every one can purchase a phone from a top notch cellular brand. Again the credit of this mass availability and increasing mobile users goes to QMobile. Its performance and diversity at this level is literally commendable.
    I believe, the writer posted this content piece, just for the sake of “posting a content piece” as it clearly lacks in agenda, valid arguments and proper grammar (LOL!). Being a “made in Pakistan review website” i think its the administrators job to understand that it can play a vital role in changing the mindsets and sprouting innovation among the tech companies dwelling in the homeland.
    But if that’s not the target, and increasing traffic/decreasing bounce rate is , then “ITS A JOB WELL DONE” as long as there are comments on this post.

    • Ahsan

      first: you cant improve without criticism. Topic just addresses the issues to improve on.
      second: These are not made in Pakistan. These are your China/Korea copies with Qmobile name pasted on them and advertisement. Also the price is too high (i could say they are looting) compared to hardware they are providing.

      • jus2ruff

        Agreed, Qmobile phones arent really Qmobile phones, these are just rebranded phones of Gionee, Micromax and others. And they actually charge a heck more then the original manufactures.

        They have the worst aftersales service and its not about ungratefulness. No one will pay unless they get the best for what they paid. Xaiomi is also a chinese manufacturer that outsold all major cell phones in china, that too because they had the perfect price-quality balance, which qmobile cant ever reach.

    • Kashif Muhammad

      Mr. Ali Please get your facts straight. QMobile Phones are manufactured in China and rebranded in Pakistan. And as for budget buyers, we have phones like the Moto G and the Xiaomi Redmi 1S. All major brands focus on both high and low end markets. You said it’s performance is commendable at this stage. From this i can easily say you have not used the devices like Moto G.

      • Ali Altaf

        Mr. kashif !Buddy ! is that the only thing you found written above making sense to you !! i mean really!! if that is then let me enlighten you a bit more!! kindly get your facts STraaiit by understanding “flagship operations & its clauses”, “hardware copyrights”, “firmware copyrights” the locations of Qmobile’s assembly lines, “rules of defective marketing” and eventually the reason why they call it Pakistan’s cellular company/mobile brand.
        I am amazed you folks still think that changing the sticker off of something makes it re-branded !! LOL you can do it at your home, erase Qmobile and replace it with HTC, then you will have an HTC mobile.
        i mean that’s the main thing, we really never appreciate whats ours, rather we undermine it because we anticipate far more greater things. And then we call it positive criticism like this bloke stating below !! LOL!!

        • Kashif Muhammad

          And that’s how you make an argument with no facts. Mr. Ali Please Google it yourself. QMobile DOES NOT make it’s own smartphones. Just like Micromax and Fly Mobile. QMobile buys copyrights you mentioned above from the original manufacturers. Now if you believe that QMobile made the worlds slimmest smartphone, that means you have no real knowledge of the brand. All of QMobile’s phones are available in other parts of the world under different names. And who says we don’t appreciate what’s ours. Pakistani’s can make some of the best electronics in the world if they try. QMobile buys the cheapest phones they can from China, acquires rights to sell it under it’s name, markets them like hell to fool the unaware Pakistani population and fills its reserves. For the last time, QMobile is not ours. The’re simply Chinese Phones from Chinese manufacturers. Just Google “Gionee Elife E6” and “Elife S5.5”.

          • Kashif Muhammad

            For now, there is no Pakistani Phone MANUFACTURER.

          • Kashif Muhammad

            I’m not supporting any specific brand. Even QMobile has some nice phones in its inventory. But the thing i hate about it is it’s low end unit. They advertise their ‘disposable’ phones like hell and people buy them. And they run out in a couple of days. Buy a Nokia in that range and it’ll last for years.

          • Harris

            Okay, @ali_altaf:disqus. Tbh, you seriously need some sort of medical checkup ASAP. You are literally to stupid to insult. Maybe your qmobile messed with your head.

            As for @kashifmuhammad:disqus, every statement he said till yet is true.

            And no need to get abusive ali altaf, youve probably not seen a real ass as of yet, so don’t go dreaming about other peoples moms and sisters please.

          • Ali Altaf

            you go to a restaurant, you like its BBQ but hate its SALAD!! Come home write a post, bitch about the whole restaurant, diss its schemes & even its ads… NICE what an idea !!

          • Kashif Muhammad

            Another statement that makes no sense -_-

          • Ali Altaf

            yes ! to the senseless it wont !! may be you are too busy sucking up to your boss !! 😀

          • Kashif Muhammad

            No i was busy in a convo with your sister.

          • Ali Altaf

            A “Convo” you say, you dumb faggot, “a convo” !! 😀 well i didn’t even let your sis say a word even, not a beat, cuz she had her mouth so full with my thang !!HA !!! Boy i admit it ! ur sis might be ugly, but she really knows how to polish a helmet !!HAHA! 😀

          • Ali Altaf

            So now you are gonna debate with me that your , Sis isn’t ugly , or your mom’ not fat ! or ur not a fag !!:D thats what you’ve been doing dude !answering things that make sense to you! cuz If you were twice as smart, you’d still be stupid!

          • Kashif Muhammad

            My sis? You mean your Phuppo? Anyway, you’re gonna use improper words to prove your invalid arguments. Well i can’t say i’m proud of you son but you’ve grown into a complete sexless asshole.

          • Ali Altaf

            😀 I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter comeback than what you just said!! abay HEEJEREY!! ive grown to become your mom’s BF, ur Sis’s best fuck, ur dad’s ass whooper all at once !! not to mention that my favorite pass time is molesting random cock suckers like you !! 😀

          • Kashif Muhammad

            Lol well son don’t forget who you owe that too. Just go and ask mom about Me. Just ask who you got that from. While you are sitting here making arguments, i noticed your mom was auctioning herself at Saddar. And you have already proven what a low-life you are. Really you think making a comeback makes you look all cool -_-. You made pathetic arguments first and now you’re abusing others so you can keep up your cool. Just proves what a worthless low-life piece of shit you really are.

          • Ali Altaf

            😀 while you were “Noticing” your gaping ass in saddar HA ! and
            wondering what more revenue it can get besides your overly skilled
            family !! 😀 your mom just gave birth to yet another bastard child like
            you LOL!, your sis happily impregnated herself with my seed or i don’t
            know whos (cuz she’s just so goood at this) 😀 !! and your daddy just
            castrated himself with a swiss army knife seeing that its doing him no
            good and considering that your mum is quite equipped in increasing the
            healthy size of the family! Dude !Spend some time at home do you!!
            delighted we are to be there every weekend!! hey wait a minute! its
            almost saturday! 😀 miltey hein phir aap k “addey” pe !!
            PS! i owe this all again to your momy !!her greased Titty slaps just knock the talent in me every time 😀

          • wow, i came here what people thought about this article and i see a guy who is in favour of Qmobile and another guy who is disapproving him. Ali if someone corrects you , then reply as civil as possible. This only shows which kind of family u belong. or u were raised like that. whatever may be the reason , never abuse someone who is disagreeing with you. Such class by debating about each other “mom , sis” . Get a life dude. u r a Muslim?

          • Bakht Jamal

            I agree.

      • Bakht Jamal

        Moto G!! I have used it and can surely say that my Qmobile A8 is better than this. I accept that MotoG has more upgraded hardware then Qmobile but I like my phone. And does not think of changing it.

        • No kidding?
          Moto G is one of the best Smartphones I have ever used, especially because of its vanilla Android(optimized for the hardware) experience.

    • Bakht Jamal

      Right man. I have also used Samsung Grand, Note 2 and some other model. They do hangs and the processing speed gradually decreases by the passing days.

    • Salute to you sir! Jazakallahu Khair!

  • QB

    You wrote my heart out :'( The biggest mistake of my life was to buy a QMobile. I think UI (I don’t know what it is, but I guess its something to deal with the screen or graphics) is still manageable but the main and annoying problem is low internal memory. I sometimes get so annoy to read that ‘insufficient storage’ message that I want to hit it hard in some wall. Even sometimes there is a lot of space in its internal memory, but the application never installs and the pop up message irritates you like anything. You cant even delete/uninstall any application. For this purpose I have even rooted my phone but the problem still exists.

    • jus2ruff

      You know you can actually use a part of your SD Card to be used as internal memory, but that requires rooting..but it works, and can increase it upto 4gb

      • QB

        I have mentioned that I did rooting too, but few of the applications have moved to SD card and still there is not sufficient space in the internal memory, because most of the pre-installed applications do not move to SD card. So the problem still exists.

        • jus2ruff

          Umm you can easily remove all the qmobile crap. Just root your phon, install rom toolbox from the playstore, Goto App managaer and uninstall all qmobile stuff.

          • QB

            Well, I am following the steps, lets just hope it work well 🙂 *fingers crossed*

          • Jus2ruff

            Well it should. Unless you remove any System app which may cause issues. Also try the SD-CARD Partition method to increase ou internal memory

          • QB

            LOL this is ridiculous 😀 31 MB free space and a 9 MB application cant be installed due to insufficient space :@ Now before I lose my mind or loss this phone by throwing it out of the window, lemme live in peace.
            P.S: I did the partition thing too, but it failed.

  • Citizen Khan

    Is there a way to install custom roms like Cyanogen or MIUI on QMobile ?!!?
    Could anyone please provide a step by step guide !?!?

    • jus2ruff

      There is, but not Cyanogen. MIUI is available but on mainly more known phones. Qmobile A900 has a port of MIUI. But that too is not directly for it, but for the actual phone which is Gionee elife e6.

  • Harris

    I wish Xaiomi Launches in Pakistan, they would literally blow qmobile out of the water.
    Xaiomi makes the best phones and outsold top brands in china. Since its ceo is an ex google employee thus the guy knows what the people want.

    • Zafar

      AllMyTech is selling Xiaomi phones and I agree, I would love to try out one myself. Even the new MiPad. Homeshopping is also selling the OnePlus One which has gotten some great reviews.

      • Harris

        I just bought a Xaimoi Redmi 1S at Aliexpress at 7k. Its a snapdragon 400(Quad core), with 16gigs and an impressive camera. I havent seen a Qmob with even a competing dual core with even comparable specs.

        • Zafar

          Harris, how was your experience with Aliexpress? Any trouble with customs etc?

          • Harris

            @disqus_2nmoJnHfX8:disqus It was great. I’m a regular buyer. I bought alot of stuff like phones. replacement LCD’s of my phones etc. It takes about 2-3 weeks to get here buy there’s no custom on it.

          • Attiq

            how come no custom or other duties?

          • Attiq

            how come no custom??

    • bilal

      Yes Xaiomi will blow away Samsung, HTC, Sony, Nokia market in Pakistan but its already not available is most countries world wide..

    • As we speak Xaiomi is being sold in Pakistan. Visit allmytech.pk

  • Harris

    1700MAMPS? Wut?

    And android 4.2 isn’t latest bro. And their internal memory is a major issue.

  • fahadshafiq

    BLOAT????….on qmobile??…..i think you have not heard of bloat kings like samsung…..i know there are ups and downs in qmobiles…but points should be given to bring mediatek to pakistan…before qmobile i was forced to buy htc pico…single core (snapdragon) with 512 mb ram for 16000/-…..i think the topic is misleading as most Pakistani people dont need 2.5 ghz quad core beasts….they just need cheap,quality phones with a touch screen twist….although i do need to point out…that their prices are unreasonable high…nevertheless the author needs to cut qmobile some slack….

  • Masood

    Worst Customer Service experience is another factor

  • ALi

    falto article…….

  • fa5ih

    kitty fight !!

  • Harris

    I own a one plus one myself, that too from Aliexpress…cost me 220 dollars with a tampered glass protector. Got it from their Gaga 50 percent off sale, which ended on 19th August.

  • Bakht Jamal

    I purchased Qmobile A8 with 512MB RAM, 1GHz Dual core and 4GB internal memory. I have JB 4.2.2 installed on it and it never lacked, never hanged though it lacks some hardware features but excellent for me.

  • h.touseef.iqbal@gmail.com

    I’m e-mailing this complain with great discontent. I have been at
    your warranty center (17 LAWRENECE ROAD, LAHORE) to resolve cell
    software problem. Sadly your customer care personnel not only update
    my cell with wrong software also said that “we update your cell with
    available software and say thank you we updated either its right or
    wrong”. Customer care service is to facilitate your customer by all
    means but sorry to say your staff was too rude and their behavior is
    not acceptable at all. They don’t know how to empathize their
    customer. When I complained about front end employee to Manger or
    their Team Leader (Mr. Arshad) he acted in same manner, which depicted
    he’s the one who trained his staff in a unsophisticated way.

    These sort employees portraying really bad image of your brand but
    also forcing a loyal customer like me to switch another brand. I hope
    you will take a professional action against my complain.
    CELL IMEI 3553000514459943
    Q Mobile A10
    MOBILE NO 03084422144

  • abdul mohamin Aamir

    Dear Sibtain Haider,
    Q mobile was founded in 2009 and it is still establishing working hard to be recognized internationally.
    You have compared Samsung with Qmobile . Samsung was founded in 1930s and it took many decades for the improvement. I will take some time to be advanced..But it is we who are supposed to promote our industries not to degrade it.

  • Tanvir Hussain

    Such a crap post i have ever seen on TechJuice. There should be a post titled as ”

    50 Reasons You SHOULD Buy QMobile.

  • Some models of QMobile are very good but some of them are bad. I’ve many other words to say but reserved for another day. Instead of all other things QMobile is an acceptable brand otherwise many of Pakistani fellows may have to use Nokia 3310 or 1100.

  • I haven’t bought any QMobile todate but reading from this page I guess its not that bad. Because the points you’ve made aren’t too bad for an average user.

    The interface (as you suggested) can very easily be replaced with a lollipop launcher.. Limited memory does seem a serious issue, but for someone like me who has not played a game in years, that too isn’t a big deal. Jelly bean again isn’t an issue for me. I understand there must be many bloatwares, but they can be disabled, if not removed. And a disabled app is as good as a removed one, minus the space used on the ROM (which is already unusable because its in the ROM).

    One of my concerns was battery, but you yourself made such a nice ‘tareef’ of the batteries while refuting it that I don’t feel that much scared myself 🙂

    Thanks for the article.

    • I bet after trying a qmobile, you’ll change your words 😀

      • Now I am an owner of a QMobile A1 since July 2015. Its the best phone in 6500 I could have ever had.

  • Arslan Mehmood Jutt

    lol..came here to read the reasonssss.butt just like other pakistani dicussions.haa like always here is a fight..butt reading them was funn.ohh

  • Arslan Mehmood Jutt

    comig to the point.. been using z6 since december 2014.Already rooted butt no custom rom…guess ill be going to Q`s SHOWROOM

  • Ahmad ali

    yar qmobile noir i5i zara istamal karo android 4.2.2 kitkat hat.1gb ram and 4gb rom hay..1gb internal memory hay…koi problem nahe….

  • saqib

    there is another problem in qmobile smartphones that the camera in phones has not enough resolution rather they are trying to make higher megapixels cameras they should try to resolve this issue and furthermore hanging problems should also be remove in qmobile smartphones

  • Farhan

    The only thing I hate about Qmobile is that It is the number one brand of Pakistan but still doesn’t have its batteries available in normal licensed outlets. I normally don’t use a smartphone at all because it creates an addiction of apps. I only use it when going for a hang out to save memories. Even I didn’t buy it myself. I got it from brother who moved to iphone and left it due to its great performance.

  • Jehanzeb

    Hello. Does z9 can update from kitkat to lollipop

  • Anonymous

    Let me add a sixth reason… They have a pathetic service center support and one also cannot complaint about it. I gave my phone to service center Islamabad to fix the power button which they took a month to fix instead of 10 or 15 working days. When I got home and tried to charge; its micro usb port was not working at all. So I took the phone back and after long argument submitted it again which was returned in an hour with extra charges and no apology; that someone forgot to connect it. After about 1 week my phone started to restart automatically even when the phone was powered off and finally after 10 days or so it stopped working at all (no hard reset even). So this time I took the phone to a local technician who told me that the phone had short circuits due to poor soldering, and some screws and the antenna was also missing. Remind you that this phone was never opened before and was with company seal when handed over to QMobile first. Moral of the story, if you have to buy a QMobile please consider it as a disposable phone which if you ever have to give to their service center; those thugs will ensure that your handset never works again.

  • You stole my thoughts

  • umair khan

    QMobile are totally fake you know they are just copying gionee mostly micromax now a days I wish micromax will know about this and banned them for good I purchased two phones by QMobile both of them were fake I have proof I will I could tell the authorities about it so they take action against the so called QMobile

  • Akhtar munir

    salam me ny Q mobil noir s4 eik mahiny pehly kharida os ka screen black hogiya company me ly k gaye to kaha 20 days lagingy 20 days k bad kaha k screen jal gaya or 3000 kharcha aye ga me ny kaha per ye warranty kis bat ki os ny kaha ziyada bat nahi karo hum tu tumary pechy nahi aye q kharida ye mobil ab samaj nahi arahi k kiya karo peshawar se Akhtar munir 03028962412 /03219051868