5 types of people who would love to buy the iPhone X

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So one of the year’s most-awaited phones a.k.a the iPhone X was officially unveiled by Apple on its September 12 Keynote event. While numerous other products were also revealed, in fact, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have already started taking pre-orders. But people’s interest in them has been dismal. It is quite clear that everyone is saving up to spend their cash on the iPhone X.

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With the iPhone X, Apple has finally caught up with other big smartphone manufacturers to launch its first bezel-less device. But if you ask me, based on first impressions from the Apple Keynote event, the iPhone X is not very special. It is extremely expensive, does not have the Touch ID Apple said it would deliver on, it still doesn’t have an earphone jack, and its ‘groundbreaking’ new wireless charging and Face ID features can be found in existing devices from Microsoft, Samsung, and Nokia.

But still, when the device finally goes on sale next month or next year, we’ll see a record-breaking number of sales. Here we predict the 5 types of people who would love to buy the new iPhone X.

Note: Take it all in good humor.

1. The Rich

Okay, let’s face it at $999, the iPhone X is the most expensive smartphone in the market right now. I’d rather buy a good, sturdy laptop from all this money rather than spending it on a device that really doesn’t have anything new to offer. So, the first people to buy the iPhone X would be those who have a lot of cash to spare.

2. The Social Media Fanatic

So Apple vows that the iPhone X comes with the best camera to-date. According to the specifications that Apple has revealed, the phone has a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera with an improved telephoto aperture and optical zoom. This means it will work well even in low-light conditions and its dual optical image stabilization means you will always get the perfect blur-free photo. And a 5.8-inch OLED display would work well for a quick selfie of the day, no? I’m already gearing up for a massive influx of selfies, food and vacation photography.

3. The Filmmaker

Apple has always taken pride in how good the cameras for its iPhone flagships are. While its cameras certainly are good, they aren’t the best. Nonetheless, iPhones have been used for shooting movies, like Superman director Zack Snyder’s recent Snow Steam Iron and the 2015 Sundance Festival hit Tangerine. Who knows we might end up seeing a real Hollywood classic shot entirely on the iPhone X.

4. The Blogger

With people interested in photo and video content more than ever, bloggers are actively using Instagram to light up their feed with striking photos. In fact, a lot of bloggers use images that are taken from their normal smartphone. With the iPhone X’s wide display and 12MP camera, it wouldn’t be surprising to see lifestyle, food, or fashion bloggers using it for their everyday shots. But of course, if those bloggers have $999 to spare.

5. The iSheep

The iPhone X doesn’t offer any remarkable feature that you cannot find in an existing smartphone for a lesser price. But when it finally goes on sale, most people will buy it only because they are hardcore Apple fanatics.

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