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7 Ways To Use ChatGPT Productively

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  2 min read >

ChatGPT is on fire since its launch. ChatGPT is created by Ope AI and can perform multiple tasks in just a few clicks.

People are finding it as a helping tool and using it to get productive results. ChatGPT is triggering companies including the big-tech giants Microsoft and Google to create their chatbots in their browsers and search engine.

ChatGPT can solve problems and give answers that can constructively help you and will save your time. Previously, chatGPT cleared MBA and a law exam which was indeed a remarkable performance by chatGPT.

Here we are bringing seven productive ways to use ChatGPT that can help you in your daily routine.

Use chatGPT To Translate Research Documents

ChatGPT is indeed a great help for researchers and academicians in their studies. ChatGPT helps translating the research documents by copying and pasting the content into the prompt box.

Moroever, users can also ask chatGPT to provide a summary of their document in any preferred language.

ChatGPT Provides Marketing Ideas And Social Media Captions

The intelligent Artificial Intelligence tool chatGPT provides an array of options when any one asks for social media captions. It provides a list of multiple answers so that anyone can choose easily of their choice.

ChatGPT works so efficiently and provides a detailed scheduled plan for marketing a particular product, including sales and purchasing plan.

Create Content

ChatGPT may just be a chatbot, but it provides a vast number of answers in an effective way.  Creating a content is indeed a challenging part and needs innovative ideas and  creativity.

For instance, chatGPT provides a list of article ideas that might fit into into your content strategy. It can provide any kind of content such as essay, reports, scripts, poetries and summarizes to even plays.

For Study Purpose

The OpenAI programme is not only for the corporate users but it also provides help to students in their studies. The programme has an ability to solve mathematics problems and can also teach you specific subjects and topics in a very simple way.

Users can even ask chatbot for an essay explanation in an easy way to understand the topic. In addition, it is also helpful for students to solve a quiz on a specific topic for exam preparation.

It can also provide help in writing poetries, prose and essays for their studies.

Summarizing Documents

ChatGPT is capable of doing so much more than simply generating the content. It can also write code, summarize the document and can give suggestions for non-written content.

ChatGPT can summarize your document after you copy and paste it in the prompt box. It can process around 2,500 words at a time,

A prompt is the set of instructions to perform the task. If you need to summarize the text just write “Summarize the following text with the most unique and helpful points” in a prompt box.

It is not only good at summarizing the long reading material but also helpful in summarizing professional and academic documents.

Get Your Code Reviewed With Comments

Coding has always been a troublesome problem for students as well as for programmers. If your coding is troubling you and you are unable to solve out or figure out the problem, ask chatGPT to review the code and provide you the comment and feedback.

Moroever, it is a very smart tool that can correct your mistakes and explain what each block of code is doing.

Writing Emails

It is always hectic for companies to give answers to multiple customers at a time.

Person who is responsible writing emails and draft have to spend hours on what and how to deliver the message professionally.

ChatGPT is well suited for writing large scale emails since it can effectively and quickly provide exact content. All you can do is to provide a prompt to draft an email discussing a particular topic and the chatGPT will do it by presenting a perfectly written email with subject, body and the end which you can confidently send out.

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