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UAE Small Businesses Adopt ChatGPT: As Technology Increases Productivity

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ChatGPT has taken place in many sectors. It has created its importance in a minimum time. OpenAI created ChatGPT, and many tech companies are using it as a helping tool to perform their daily tasks.

Microsoft has also incorporated chatGPT in its search engine to facilitate the users. However, small UAE businesses have started adopting chatGPT to make their tasks easy. Using chatGPT to perform their tasks helps save the time used for mundane tasks and allows them to spend more time on creativity.

ChatGPT is an OpenAI product that can help users by providing possible answers to their queries. However, it also helps people accomplish tasks such as writing emails, prose, and providing lists.

On the other hand, large companies, including Shopify and Meta, have already incorporated chatGPT to perform their tasks. Whereas BuzzFeed plans to use it in January to enhance its quizzes on its website and personalize some content for audiences.

In contrast, the startups who don’t have access to the extensive resources of a multinational company, the technology would be a benefit for them to revolutionize the way they work.

“Rather than seeing those jobs eliminated, companies might be looking to use chatGPT to make them more efficient and essentially to free up their time”, Kurt Muehmel, AI strategic advisor at Paris-based Dataiku, told Al Arabiya English.

Shaffra, another company using chatGPT, is a Dubai-based firm that uses the Metaverse. This digital reality space stimulates scenes to help companies plan business strategies such as construction projects.

“As a startup, our resources are kind of scarce,” said COO Alfred Manassah Shaffra, demonstrating that his time is now “significantly more efficient” because the technology does laborious content-based tasks.

However, he added that “it pushes us to become more creative” in our team. We are focused on developing our technology and getting more clients.”

Growdash is another UAE company using chatGPT to perform its daily tasks. The startup works with restaurants on marketing campaigns for a platform such as Deliveroo and Careem.

The tool helps the company to identify the flaws of their marketing campaigns and the process to improve them. However, it also helps in their manual tasks, such as creating combo menus for the restaurant.

“I see it as an opportunity instead of competition because it’s so versatile,” said Mahrukh Mir, co-founder.

Al Arabiya news also spoke to multiple small ventures about using chatGPT in their daily routine, including EpicJam, CloudSource and Grubtech.

Hassan Sarwar, head of EpicJam, said that it helps write tasks and create more targeted content.

“These technologies have the propensity to provide inaccurate responses. The challenge is when it responds confidently in the tone of an expert,” Muehmel said.

“Sometimes it just imagines responses because it’s not querying its database of information. What it’s doing is trying to create a sentence that sounds right,” he added.

AI Regulation

According to Muehmel, more regulation is needed to deal with the problems that arise by chatGPT.

The EU is currently working to propose legislation to regulate further the technology. Which shows chatGPT could be rated from “minimal risk” to “unacceptable risk”.

Thierry Breton, chief of EU industry, told the news that new proposed Artificial intelligence rules would address concerns about the risks associated with chatGPT and AI technology.

Under the EU draft rules, chatGPT is an efficient tool that can perform complex tasks, such as selecting candidates for jobs and credit scoring.

However, primarily companies use it as a foundation for their work, which suggests that smaller companies in UAE may not soon become entirely dependent on the tool.

“We don’t copy it, but it’s a great base, ” added CloudSource’s Toffrey”. “We can tailor things how we see fit”.

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