Kenya Suspends Worldcoin as Thousands Line up For Free Money

Concerned over data privacy, Kenyan authorities have ordered cryptocurrency project worldcoin to stop signing up new users in Kenya...

Aug 7 · >

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Launches an Eyeball Scanning Crypto Coin

Named ‘World Coin’, the cryptocurrency project is giving people digital coins in exchange for a scan of their eyeballs...

Jul 25 · >

Stanford Scientist Proves that ChatGPT is Getting Stupider

Having a prime number problem solving accuracy rate of 97.6% in March 2023, GPT-4 accuracy rate plummeted to a...

Jul 24 · >

ChatGPT’s New Update Will Allow Personalized Interactions

According to details, the new feature will give ChatGPT the ability to remember your preferences and personal details for...

Jul 21 · >

Mark Zuckerberg And Satya Nadella Confirms AI Deal: Partnership Announces On Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Meta, and Satya Nadella of Microsoft confirm the AI deal on Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg and...

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Jul 20 · >

Microsoft Launches AI Image Creator: Is it Really Better Than DALL-E 2?

Generating images similar to top AI image generators, Microsoft’s new AI Image Creator is free and you don’t even...

Jul 6 · >

Top Chinese Firm Claims Its AI Chatbot is Better Than ChatGPT

“Ernie 3.5 has made significant strides in beta testing, surpassing ChatGPT (3.5) in comprehensive ability scores and outperforming GPT-4...

Jun 28 · >

5 Major Reasons Companies Are Banning The Use Of ChatGPT

Despite having so many capabilities, many companies have banned chatGPT and restricted their employees from using chatGPT. Since its...

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Jun 28 · >

OpenAI Brings ‘Bing Search’ To ChatGPT:To Get The Latest Information

ChatGPT, the creation of OpenAI, has transformed the world 360°. According to the latest news, subscribers to chatGPT Plus,...

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Jun 28 · >

Amazon Invests $100 Million Towards a Generative AI Center

Amazon Web Services CEO Adam Selipsky says that the $100 million investment is Amazon’s “three steps in, and it’s...

Jun 23 · >

Mercedes is Adding ChatGPT Into Its Cars

According to Mercedes, ChatGPT is being added to the MBUX infotainment system and will allow Mercedes owners to have...

Jun 16 · >

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Meets Indian PM Narendra Modi

Currently on his visit to India, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said that the Indian PM was excited about AI...

Jun 9 · >