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8 Skills that you can Learn this Summer

Written by Fariha Muazzam ·  2 min read >
8 Skills

Summers is all about enjoying,and eating mangoes. However, you can top it with self-learning and mastering new skills.
Where enjoyment would refresh you after having a hectic school year/job year, taking an online course or getting a hang of something you have never done before, as a side thing, will keep you from getting bored. It is not untrue, that we do get discomposed with a long span of having nothing productive to do. So, here, we suggest some basic tech skills that would not go in waste but will benefit you in the long run, if you learn them. You can earn from them or satisfy your hunger for knowledge or fill up the boring intervals of time.

1. Web Development
With internet being the essential part of our lives, it would not be futile to learn a thing or a two about Web development. It is the age of the Internet, after all.A basic knowledge about JavaScript, HTML or CSS can help you build a basic website. And if you find it interesting, you can go further and learn about building responsive websites and web designing.
You can check out web services related courses on http://www.udacity.com.

2. Mobile App Development
I am sure most of you are smartphone users or ,maybe, iPad users. So it would be no surprise that you handle most of your chores on the aforementioned gadgets.
To be honest, it is easier to spend your free time playing games or carry out business transactions on these devices than any other.And this leads us to the significance of the mobile app world; a single idea that could make people’s lives any more comforting takes us to the development of a mobile app. You can learn to build games, or other purpose-built apps for the masses.
Find related courses on http://www.coursera.org

3. Creative Coding and Computational Art
Bored of dry coding? Need a break from building projects that strictly adhere to logic-based coding or hardcore programming?
No worries, there is a solution to that. Learn creative coding- shake up the artist in you, the creative you.Creative coding is about creating visual art and design, sound art, project mapping and much more. It has been used by many functional artists since ages to project visual art, and many have been successful.
See if you want to join in on any related course on http://www.coursera.org.

4. Adobe Photoshop
Alongside laying back and watching movies all summer, you can master a new software. It would not be so bad, right?
Learn about graphic designing and Adobe Photoshop. And if you are the artist type, play with colors, textures and patterns. Make digital paintings or company logos; that is all up to you. You can find various tutorials on the web

5. Word Processing
When somebody hears about learning word processing; the usual reaction is that why do I need to do that. I know how to print or make a new document or write on a document, for that matter. But, listen, every once in a while you need to format your documents. Or as software students; document your projects. And to successfully manage your documents so that they look note-worthy, you need to have know-how of Microsoft Word. Also, for documentation, you can work with LaTex.
You can find related tutorials on the web, there are many.

6. Data Management with Microsoft Excel
Whether an employee or a student; keeping records is a need. And keeping it on paper does not work anymore; it easy to lose important data that way. So, Microsoft Excel could help solve your problem. You can learn to manipulate rows and columns or make graphs to enter and represent your data efficiently and easily. There are numerous tutorials out there for Microsoft Excel.

7. Presentation Skills
Many times in life you are asked to present your projects, business ventures on slides to get a grant or funds. It may seem like an unnecessary skill to master, but believe me what you speak and what you present matters a lot. Get your hands on Microsoft PowerPoint or Prezi to start making impactful presentations. There are many web tutorials out there that would help with above mentioned software applications and, in general, help with developing presentation-building skill.

8. Marketing yourself
There is always something apart from studies/job that you like to do or create. While some like baking cookies, cupcakes etc; others like painting or writing. So, this summer you can sell yourself-your creations. You can become a freelance writer. You can even sell your paintings online or try. Or take local online orders for custom-baking. You can learn to earn. After all, who hates a few bucks in their pocket.

Enjoy Summer-learning or Summer-earning.

Written by Fariha Muazzam
She likes to explore new areas of study whether technology, psychology or anything thing else; nothing more and nothing less. Profile