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She likes to explore new areas of study whether technology, psychology or anything thing else; nothing more and nothing less.

Fariha Muazzam

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5 Smart Ways to Build Your Brand

After having shared 5 tips on successfully naming your brand, we bring to you 5 smart ways to build...

Jul 25 · >

Facebook and Twitter Get Banned in an Agriculture University

Social media plays an important role in every walk of our life, but it does have a negative side...

Jul 22 · >

Punjab Government’s Mobile Reforms Receive Praise

Pakistan has been stormed by corruption in every sector, and being a developing country it has been affected by...

Jul 22 · >

PITB Introduces the Hajj Monitoring System

Haj being one of the pillars of Islam, motivates many Muslims around the globe to fly to Saudi Arabia...

Jul 21 · >

5 Tips on How to Name Your Brand

What is in a name? “All that matters is the quality of the product that I develop. I can...

Jul 18 · >

5 Things Beginner Entrepreneurs Should Keep in Mind

Money, success and fame are addictive; we all want them badly. It is just the way we humans thrive,...

Jul 16 · >

PTI’s Website Gets Hacked

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is the second most influential and popular political party in Pakistan. Due to its strong stance against,...

Jul 14 · >

Plan9 Demo Day – A visit to the Innovation Hub

Plan9 has had the honor of putting out many successful startups like Eyedeus Labs, Markhor, xGear, BookMe. Every incubation...

Jul 10 · >

Faysal Quraishi Decides to Launch His Own Mobile App

Faysal Quraishi has always been known for his brilliant performances in many drama serials. Being an actor of distinct...

Jul 8 · >

Warid’s Ramadan Offers – Pay Less Get More!

In the holy month of Ramadan, the spirit of brotherhood, humanity and love for our religion is heightened and...

Jul 4 · >

Find best dining places with Tossdown

Food beside being a necessity, at times is our guilty pleasure.It is there to take away the pain of...

Jul 3 · >

Kia Scene Hai collaborates with Johnny Rockets for Fifa World Cup

Kia Scene Hai.pk’s team collaborated with Johnny Rockets to host live screening of the Football World Cup’s match of...

Jul 2 · >