82% teens plan to purchase an iPhone, highest ever reported interest

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This year’s line up of Apple iPhone has been massively popular among teens. Apple itself put a lot of focus on iPhone X owing to its beautiful bezel-less and premium feel.

A survey conducted on teens in the US has revealed that 78% of teens are using an iPhone and 82% plan to own an iPhone as their next phone. This is the highest amount of interest in an iPhone ever shown by teens in a survey. The reason behind this interest can be the launch of iPhone X. iPhone X is a unique phone designed by Apple. In the design department, we haven’t seen any such thing before. The picture below shows how the interest of teens in iPhone has sparked over the years.


With the ever-evolving trends in technology and prevalence of technology in our daily lives, teenagers, even toddlers, have access to a smartphone. In Pakistan, iPhone might be a popular choice for many teens but owing to its price point, many teenagers are using budget smartphones.

Moreover, the iPhone X in Pakistan is expected to be made available through different carriers, which will bump up the price even more by adding data-bundles in the packages.

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