A Telehealth startup combating COVID-19 is planning to take COVID-19 in Pakistan

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 1 min read>

Speetar is a telehealth startup that is effectively combating against COVID-19 in Libya has been working to get established in Pakistan. The startup was successful in finding the active solutions against the COVID-19 in Libya and now it has incorporated in Pakistan.

It’s a platform that joins patients of COVID 19 with the physicians. It is one of the best key solutions in technology when it comes to fighting against COVID 19. According to the owner of this telehealth portal, this app can help drastically in fighting against COVID 19 in Pakistan as well. Not just coronavirus via Speetar Pakistan will be able to fight against other infections such as Polio and dengue.

Speetar was cofounded by Zohaib Akmal, Shoaib Akmal, and Asim Ajmal. Along with them, a Doctor named Muhammad Aubarawi from Libya is also the founder of this app. The main purpose of generating this app was to provide good facilities of health care to the countries that have been severely affected by the warlike Libya, Syria, parts of Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

It’s a cloud-based platform that is actively functioning in Libya as well as Pakistan. The startup was incubated by Social Innovation and Change Initiative at Harvard Medical School. The app received about $20000 from another incubation center known as MIT.

The app is helping Libyans to communicate with the physicians and converse about their ongoing symptoms without having to leave their house and stand in line to visit the hospitals. This way the civilians have minimal exposure to the disease.

In an interview, Doctor Muhammad said: “Patients can log in from home and can register if they have symptoms. This means clinics can better manage triage, that is determining who needs to get the care and the order in which patients are treated.”

Besides that this Telehealth app is available as a mobile application as well as a web interface. The patients can book online appointments with the doct9r and can get consultation video conference call. The doctors can recommend the applicable treatment to the patients without being in contact with them physically. Patients can also upload their medical history on the app so that before prescribing proper treatment plan physicians can peak through medical history.