Adobe brings Illustrator to iPad, Fresco to iPhone

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Adobe announced a slew of updates to its suite of creative apps at its MAX 2020 Creativity Conference yesterday. The biggest piece of news from the event so far is the company’s decision to bring design app Illustrator to iPad and drawing app Fresco to iPhone.

Let’s start with Fresco for iPhone. The company said that the app will have all the features it has on the iPad but with a redesigned and more appropriate UI. You can also share your work across these devices.

The drawing app is getting a significant update overall, with the version now bumped up to 2.0. Fresco now has support text, a new smudge brush tool, personalized ribbon brushes, and pressure sensitivity controls.

Illustrator for iPad is also official now, something that will no doubt bring joy to graphic designers reliant on their Apple tablet. The design app now comes with special support for the Apple Pencil, along with bringing all the popular features from the desktop app such as radial, grid, and mirror repeat to the touch interface.

With Adobe Illustrator on iPad, you can now easily use pinch actions to zoom in and zoom out, and select various objects by simply tapping them. This will offer designers and artists a more intuitive way of editing and improving their designs by using their fingers as natural styluses. Additionally, illustrator now supports more than 18,000 fonts and allows you to upload your own and customize them for specific projects.

You can download Illustrator for iPad here for a monthly fee of $9.99. However, if you are already a Creative Cloud plan subscriber, you will get the app for free.

Meanwhile, Fresco for iPhone can be obtained here.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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