Alibaba To Also Release A ChatGPT-style AI tool Soon

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China’s biggest e-commerce platform, Alibaba Group said it is working on developing a ChatGPT-style artificial intelligence tool which is currently open to employees for testing. Alibaba said that the ChatGPT-style tool is currently undergoing internal testing, a report from Reuters shared.

The Chinese e-commerce group in a statement shared that the dialogue robot is currently open to employees for testing. An Alibaba spokesperson said:

“Frontier innovations such as large language models and generative AI have been our focus areas since the formation of DAMO in 2017. As a technology leader, we will continue to invest in turning cutting-edge innovations into value-added applications for our customers as well as their end-users through cloud services,”

Large language models have been the company’s main focus said it had been trying to work on generative AI for a number of years. Large language models are natural language processing systems that are trained on massive volumes of text and are capable of answering and comprehending questions as well as generating new text.

Alibaba’s U.S.-listed shares rose 3.2% premarket after the news. Shares in a number of other Chinese AI technology companies have soared in the past few days due to investor excitement over Open.Ai’s ChatGPT, which can generate articles, essays, and jokes in response to prompts and has been rated the fastest-growing consumer app in history.

Shares in Chinese search engine giant Baidu jumped by 15% on Tuesday after it said it planned to complete testing of its “Ernie bot” in March. Google owner Alphabet Inc is also planning its own chatbot service and said it will use more artificial intelligence for its search engine.

Another Chinese tech group (9618. HK), said it was looking to integrate some methods and technology similar to ChatGPT’s into some of its products, such as its e-commerce platform’s customer service.

Over the week, Microsoft introduced a new AI-powered Bing on a limited basis for users, even as other companies joined the AI race with Google opening its Bard chatbot to test users.

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