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Pakistani Users Will Soon Have Option Of Using Twitter Blue

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Twitter Blue

Users in Pakistan will soon have access to Twitter subscription services, also known as Twitter Blue. The Twitter blue icon has been spotted by some Pakistani users in the sidebar of the website version of the platform. A window outlining the features that come with a subscription appears when the icon is clicked. The user’s name has a blue checkmark (tick) next to it as one of these features.

Long videos can be uploaded; Using images from NFT profiles possible; to upload a 1080p video (HD). The payment schedule has not been disclosed, even though the feature has not yet been formally launched in Pakistan. In addition to the United States of America, 12 other countries offer the Twitter Blue service (USA). Pakistan may soon get access to this new service as well.

The cost of the desktop version of the app is $8 (Rs 2,200), while the iOS and Android versions require a payment of more than $11 (Rs 3,000) to access all the new features. It should be noted that Elon Musk, the creator of the app, first introduced this service in November 2022, but it was soon overwhelmed by fake accounts belonging to institutions and celebrities that had blue ticks, leading to the dissolution of the service.

The blue check mark – previously free for verified accounts of politicians, famous personalities, journalists, and other public figures – will now be open to anyone prepared to pay. It was rolled out last year to help Twitter grow revenue as owner Elon Musk fights to retain advertisers.

Google’s Android users will be able to purchase Twitter Blue’s monthly subscription for $11, the same price as Apple’s iOS users, Twitter said on its website. The higher pricing for Android users is likely to offset fees charged by Android’s Google Play Store, like Apple’s App Store. The annual plan for subscription to Blue, only available on the web, was priced at $84, a discount to the monthly web subscription price of $8. 

The discount for web users would be available in countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia, Twitter said. Earlier in December, Musk added that Twitter’s basic blue tick will have half the number of advertisements and the social media platform will offer a higher tier with no advertisements by next year.

Later, in December 2022, the same services were provided with a few minor changes. Twitter is a social media site where users can post brief communications, or “tweets,” that may contain text, images, or videos. Since its founding in 2006, it has grown to be among the biggest and most well-known social media networks on the planet.

Users can access premium features and improve their experience on the platform by subscribing to Twitter Blue, a paid subscription service that the social media platform offers Undoing tweets is one of the features, along with changing color schemes and accessing only official Twitter content. Each region has a different price for the service. 

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