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Past few days have been “The Days of Devices”, we got to hear some crunchy exciting news and saw the unveiling of the best devices, all this commotion happening in Tech-World can really overwhelm people everywhere and The AppJuice is the place to get the latest updates on technology. That’s why we are going to compile all the news and updates of the tech-world in this article.


The Next Version of Android

Almost one month ago Google announced the most unforeseen news about the next version of Android. According to the senior vice president of Google Sundar Pichai the next version of Android (4.4) will be named KitKat. Sundar said that people at Android love eating Kitkat. Officials confirmed that this branding was not contracted with Nestle; it was just a friendly gift.
Google has been known for naming Android after desserts Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jellybean and now KitKat. Although before this announcement all the anticipation was that Google would name it Key Lime Pie therefore this announcement caught every one off guard.
In our opinion Kitkat sounds better than Key Lime Pie. Tell us your opinion in the comment section.


Microsoft buys Nokia

Another major news was that Microsoft bought Nokia for 7.2 Billion dollars; Nokia was already becoming an undergoing company because the competition of devices was just too much to handle. Microsoft buying Nokia confirms one thing that there won’t ever be an Android powered Nokia device.
Microsoft is following Apple’s strategy; Now Microsoft will make its own line up of devices like Apple makes iPhones and Google makes Nexus.


An overhaul in Architecture

Quite recently Apple had its iPhone 5S event and the main announcement there was that Apple’s Operating System IOS 7 supports 64-Bit Architecture. This gives a lot of new possibilities to developers. Basically 64-Bit framework allows apps to be more memory efficient and more responsive. Apps which require more than 4 GB RAM are also 64-Bit Apps after analyzing its quite possible that Apple is working on devices with 4 GB RAM (hint iPhone 6).
From a developers perspective 64 Bit architecture will bring a whole new level of Gaming and battery saving. Simple games like Candy Crush can drain your iPhone’s battery this problem can be solved through a 64 Bit operating System.
We might not see many advantages of a 64 Bit mobile operating system now but it will definitely be useful in coming years.


Nexus 5 Leaks

Before the launch of Moto X images of Google CEO using it were leaked on the Internet, we are seeing a similar thing here. Nexus devices are the most anticipated devices of the year. Nexus 5 looks like it will be the phone of 2013. It has been beautifully re-designed, photos show that Nexus 5 has a big 5-Inch Screen, a new camera and it is incredibly thinner than Nexus 4.
If we think about Nexus 4 then the expected specifications for Nexus 5 will include A 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 800 Processor, 3 GB of RAM, 13 Megapixel camera and a stunning 1080p Display in a very affordable price. Nexus 5 will be unveiled on October 14th.
Here’s another leaked photo showing the redesigned beautiful rendering of Nexus 5.


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