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Amazon Close To Adopting A Large Scale Of Cryptocurrencies As Bitcoin Adds $114 Billion To Market

Written by Usman Aslam ·  31 sec read >

According to a source within Amazon, the company is nearly ready to accept Bitcoin as the source of payment by the end of 2021. However, other currencies such as Ethereum, Cardano, etc. will be added later on. This will further lead to the e-commerce giant introducing its own token in the crypto ecosystem to further bring about diversification.

As of now, cryptocurrencies have recovered such as Bitcoin which has been rising up to a $40,000 mark which is primarily an increase by 25 percent. On the other hand, Etherurm, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, was boosted by 23 percent which means that the currency reached a cap hit of $2,300.

Moreover, other currencies such as Chainlink and Dogecoin have increased to about 15-12 percent. All in all, it just shows that the cryptocurrency market will be having smooth sailings for a while as other e-commerce companies also look to invest in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Written by Usman Aslam
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