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Android Navigation buttons might be changing again!

Written by Rehan Ahmed ·  40 sec read >
Google Android N

Google, the company behind Android, may be thinking of changing the look of the primary navigation buttons(yet again), starting with the next wave of Nexus phones.

According to a report by a trusted Android news blog, Google might introduce redesigned navigation buttons with Android N. Android N is scheduled to be released sometime soon but there had been no hint of any change to the navigation buttons. Now, The source points out that Google will introduce these buttons with this year’s Nexus phones, possibly nicknamed Marlin and Sailfish.

The navigation buttons on an Android phone are the back (Triangle), home (Circle) and multi-tasker (Square). Google introduced these on-screen buttons for Android phones with Ice Cream Sandwich and they have become the norm for most Android smartphones ever since. While some smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and LG have stuck with physical or capacitive buttons, a lot of manufacturers have indeed adapted to them.

Google updated them with Lollipop two years ago and, if the reports are true, will update them again this year. The source also notes that there might be some added animation along with the redesign.

Written by Rehan Ahmed
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