Apple announces Q4 2017 revenue, expects to make $87 billion next quarter

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Apple has announced the Q4 2017 earning report and results look promising. Apple made a total of $52.6 billion this quarter

Out of $52.6b in revenue, $10.7b was in profit. The company sold 46.7 million iPhones, 10.3 million iPads, and 5.4 million Macs. The sales were a lot higher than the same quarter last year. Apple made $46.9 billion in revenue and $9 billion in profit with the sales of 45.51 million iPhones, 9.28 million iPads, and 4.89 million Macs.

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The current quarter earnings were even higher than the last quarter where Apple reported $45.4 billion in revenue and $8.72 billion in profit with 41 million iPhones, 11.4 million iPads, and 4.29 million Macs sold. Apple made more money from services than AirPods, Apple TV, Watch, and iPad sales combined. Tim Cook calls it the best quarter ever for services.

“We’re happy to report a very strong finish to a great fiscal 2017, with record fourth-quarter revenue, year-over-year growth for all our product categories, and our best quarter ever for Services,”

Tim Cook also talked about the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and said that they remained the most popular iPhone devices since their launch. He also said that he is very confident about the iPhone X launch and looking forward to “ a great holiday season”.

“With fantastic new products including iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3, and Apple TV 4K joining our product lineup, we’re looking forward to a great holiday season, and with the launch of iPhone X getting underway right now, we couldn’t be more excited as we begin to deliver our vision for the future with this stunning device.”

Apple is expecting to make $87 billion next quarter and iPhone X’s sale will be the biggest reason of this milestone. iPhone X sales will increase Apple’s revenue for sure. iPhone X first batch is all about to release for buyers. Wondering what should be the price of iPhone X in Pakistan? Check out the mobile prices page for updated prices of all smartphones.

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