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Apple Confirms Yet Another iPhone 14 Display Problem

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

iPhone users still need clarification regarding the issues they are facing time to time. This time iPhone is showing strange display bugs that have become more common since the iOs 16 update. Though, it’s the second time iPhone users are facing display glitches.

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models are suffering from a strange problem. This causes the lines to flash across their displays.

Though the number of complaints is increasing among iPhone 14 Pro users, they have reported a strange display issue when turning on or unlocking their devices.

Yellow and Green horizontal lines come on the screen, but on the other hand, they disappear later or during the startup process. Though, it doesn’t cause significant disruption to the user experience.


Apple’s Reaction To The iPhone 14 Pro Display Issue

Though, Apple already knows about the issue and planning to release a software update to fix the problem. The fix will be included in an upcoming patch or iOS 16.3. The update is currently being tested by Apple and its public beta program members.

iOS 16 is currently testing with developers and members of its beta program. Moreover, Apple could release iOS 16.2.1 to resolve the issue.

Besides, the information is unofficial and was found in internal memos by some familiar people familiar with this matter.

The issue was first reported last month, and Apple has responded quickly.

The latest iOS 16 update brought new bugs for iPhone users worldwide. In contrast, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 13 models are experiencing a strange screen freezing bug.

However, the bug caused all animations on the screen to stop working entirely. On the other hand, some users reported the issue soon after updating to iOS 16.1. iOS 16.1 released to address the previous bugs.

Many iPhone users Pro brought this into social media to express their concerns and report issue with their devices.

In one instance, an iPhone 14 Pro faced an issue on the Spotlight search menu in a video on YouTube, despite the user attempting to exit.

However, the phone was unable to detect and reach its home screen. Even though the app switcher was working fine, this indicated that the phone was not completely unresponsive.

Luckily, this issue did not take long to fix, and users are hopeful that they will not have to wait much for the next fix.

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