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Reports Suggest That Apple Has Plans to Start Making Touchscreen Macbooks

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  52 sec read >
Macbook touchscreen
According to the reports, MacBook Pros releasing in 2025 can have touch screens with OLED displays

A recent report by Bloomberg suggests that Apple is working towards developing touch screen MacBook’s. Prepared by Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, the report suggests that Apple will roll out the first touchscreen OLED display MacBook’s by 2025.

It’s mentioned that Apple Engineers are actively working towards developing touchscreen MacBook’s and the company is quite invested in the idea.

Containing the classic MacBook look and design, the first MacBook will look much like the previous versions of MacBook, have a trackpad and keyboard but will also have a touch input similar to that of an iPhone or an iPad.

The touchscreen MacBook will also contain the MacOS rather than using a new OS that’s built combining the iPad and Mac Operating Systems together.

Apple for years has despised the idea of a touchscreen MacBook, even Apple founder ‘Steve Jobs’ in 2010 said that touchscreen technology does not work well with the MacBook’s because using it on touch screen can cause arm fatigue. John Ternus, Apple’s hardware engineering chief, in 2021 said that MacBook’s are optimized for direct input and the company is not considering introducing tech.

However now it seems that the company is making some significant changes in its MacBook philosophy. So are you excited for the new touchscreen MacBook’s? Drop your thoughts in the comment box below!


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