Apple Decided to Put Together Several Bite-Sized Lessons for iPhone Camera

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Seems like Apple has decided to try something new on its YouTube account instead of posting another ad about the quality of the iPhone camera. Yes, Apple is doing things differently; they’ve decided to post several short tutorials related to the iPhone camera. These tutorials instruct users on how to actually use the camera, and what are its possibilities.

All of the videos last for about 40 seconds, and their primary focus is the basics of taking pictures with the iPhone. These lessons include panoramas, as well as portrait modes, and also tips concerning general photography. These tips include instructions and advice, for example, the explanation of how to shoot a relatively decent photo in low light environment. Tips like these won’t be especially useful for power camera users but starters can extract a lot of value.

One of the most interesting thing about these video tutorials in their style. The videos appear to be a screencast and are obviously meant to be viewed on the phones.

These videos are expected to go to Apple’s website as well, but the page isn’t functional at the moment.

Even though Apple has made a lot of ads about how good the camera is, their competitors are doing an excellent work. This is one of the main reasons why the iPhone lost so many of their photography enthusiasts. The iPhone’s camera may be good, but the other brands are currently doing a better job. Apple’s camera has been regularly losing to Samsung Galaxy S8, LG’s G6, and Google’s Pixel. The camera itself is far from bad, but other smartphones are simply leaving Apple behind when it comes to technological advancing.

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