Apple hires Tesla’s VP Engineering to work on Titan, its self-driving car project

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Apple has hired one of the top tech-heads from Tesla, the popular electric car company, to work on its autonomous car project.

In order to give a major push to its self-driving car project, Apple has now made a significantly important hire. The Cupertino-based tech giant has just lured the Vice President of Engineering division at Tesla to work in Apple’s Project Titan. Michael Schwekutsch, the executive in focus, would be joining Apple as a Senior Director of Engineering at the company’s especial project group to possibly oversee development of Apple’s self-driving cars.

Apple’s secretive Project Titan focuses on developing new break-through products including possibly an autonomous car. The team involved has been working on developing different technologies that could empower the upcoming autonomous cars. The technologies include products like Night Vision assist systems, safety belts/tail lights tailored specially for the autonomous cars of the future.

Michael Schwekutsch will be joining forces with Bob Mansfield, the former SVP Technologies for Apple, to possibly work on Apple’s autonomous car project. Michael boasts significant experience in developing electric cars. Apart from his considerable contribution at Tesla, the executive has also worked in the development of famous cars like Porsche 918 Spyder, Volvo XC90 and the BMW i8. At Tesla, the executive into the development of several notable cars like Tesla Model 3.

The hiring could have a significant impact on the project which has a considerable number of autonomous cars in California. As of May last year, the company had the second highest number of self-driving cars in the city after General Motors.

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