Apple joins hands with Malala to provide educational opportunities to girls in Brazil

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Apple has started offering help to Malala foundation in Latin America to aid in providing equal educational opportunities to girls. The collaboration will be between Apple’s 10 Developer Academies in Brazil and the foundation.

As mentioned in Press Release by Apple, the Malala foundation is striving to provide safe, quality secondary education and opportunities to girls living in Brazil.

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook said that Apple has been dedicated to education since the very beginning of Apple and he could not wait to see what student developers came up with to help Malala fund make a difference for girls all over the world. He also said,

“We share Malala’s goal of getting more girls into quality education and are thrilled to be deepening our partnership with Malala Fund by mobilizing thousands of Apple Developer Academy students and alumni across Brazil,”


Malala met the young students that are working at Apple’s Developer Academies in Brazil on Friday. She emphasized the importance of offering equal educational opportunities to girls around the world.

She said that she hoped that every girl from Rio to Riyadh is free when it comes to choosing her own future. She further said,

“Whether she wants to be a developer, a pilot, a dancer or a politician, education is the best path to a brighter future. By tapping into Apple’s network of student developers, Malala Fund will gain access to new tools to support our mission of free, safe, quality education.

Apple became Malala Fund’s first Laureate partner which enabled the organization to double the number of grants awarded by its Gulmakai Network and fund new programs in India and Latin America with the goal of extending secondary education opportunities to above 100,000 girls.

According to Apple, more than 3000 students have gone through Apple Developer Academy program in Brazil since 2013.
At present, Apple states, 500 currently enrolled students are in Brasilia, Campinas,Manaus, Curtiba, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. This year seventy-five Brazilian students went to attend Worldwide Developer conference as winners of scholarship.

Not to forget that Malala has recently joined Instagram and her Instagram account also has pictures of her trip to Brazil where she also celebrated her 21st birthday.

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