Apple may soon lose to Huawei in terms of smartphone sales

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Apple’s increasing iPhone sales as per the company’s announcement from yesterday, might not be enough to save it the second spot of selling most smartphones. According to a new report, Huawei is rapidly inching in with Apple in terms of the total smartphones shipped to the customers.

The latest set of statistics come from a Singapore-based research firm, canalys. The company states that Apple was able to witness a slight increase of 2% in the second quarter of 2017 as compared to Huawei which saw a mighty 20% surge in smartphone sales. Huawei was able to sell a whopping 38 million devices which are quite close to 41 million as sold by Apple.

The other Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi and Oppo also saw immense growth. Oppo’s sales surged by 44% while that of Xiaomi surged by 52%. The top manufacturer Samsung kept its position steady and was still able to sell 79 million smartphones.

Apple was able to reach to this position after a continual struggle over ten years. The iPhones started shipping in 2007 and witnessed regular growth ever since. Many smartphone brands rose and declined in fame, like for example Nokia and Blackberry. Apple kept its pace and didn’t face competition from any other brand except for Samsung which held the first place. Samsung was mainly accredited to hold the first place because it attracted consumers with diverse economic backgrounds while Apple mostly focused at the upper end.

However, now it seems that Apple reign might soon be over because the Chinese brands are rising with an exponential growth. Introduced not long ago, the Chinese brands including Huawei and Xiaomi quickly rose to popularity for introducing impressive specifications and quality builds within tight price ranges.

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